Why Use a 10ft Shipping Container for Storage in Melbourne

Shipping containers for storage? There is something like that out there?

Oh yes. It is actually really popular among renters in Melbourne. This method of storage rises to the top because of its convenience and flexibility. One of the most popular sizes in Melbourne is the 10ft container.

In this article, we’ll share how to spot the best 10ft shipping container storage, the benefits of renting it, and what you can fit inside.

What Is a 10ft Storage Container and What It Can Fit

The 10ft storage container is a container made with quality steel material to store your things. Due to its durability, it is weatherproof, waterproof, dustproof, and vermin-proof.

It is actually one of the standard storage unit sizes on the market. It is bigger than other small shipping containers, so they can fit more. There are reasons why it is popular, which are;

  • Extra protection for your stuff, because the container is sturdy and has no risk of water and weather damage.
  • Spacious and it has a 16-19 cubic metres capacity.
  • Completely portable. This container is the go-to for mobile storage. So, it will be attached to a truck, delivered to your house, filled in, and stored by the company.
  • Comes with inner protection such as moisture absorption, tie-down rails, and shock-absorbent build.
  • Additional complementary protections are provided, such as bubble wrap, packing paper, boxes, and furniture blankets.

Great, isn’t it? Now that you know what the best 10ft storage container should have, you, of course, want to know what you can fit inside.

In a 10ft container, you can fit approximately 3 bedrooms worth of furniture. Well, simply said, it can fit three mattresses, some cupboards, three tables, and anything else in your bedroom.

However, if you want to be more detailed, we mentioned that it can hold up to 19 cubic metres of stuff.

To know exactly how much this container can fit, you can count the cubic metres (m3) of your things. The formula you should use is Length x Width x Height. Always remember to convert the length, width, and height to metres (m).

Then, once you get the exact size, you can plan how to fit all of them. If they can’t fit on a 10 fit, you can always hire a shipping container with a different size.

Pricing and Terms (Choose the Best One!)

10ft containers are really affordable. They are more than 50% cheaper than self-storage facilities and can fit just as much.

The starting price is around $6.13 per day. Pretty cheap, right?

Yes, but you need to choose a good company to have your money’s worth. Therefore, choose a company that offers you;

  • No fixed term contract, meaning you can rent it for an unlimited period of time.
  • Free complimentary items, as stated above. Don’t choose the ones who charge you these.
  • Insurance, so if damages do happen, you get your money back.


Hiring a 10ft shipping container can satisfy all your storage needs. From prompt service to good pricing, this container is the modern solution to an ever-present problem.

Plus, they are waterproof, weatherproof, dustproof, and vermin-proof. Your things will be well protected, whether stored outdoors or indoors.

You can get the best of your money by choosing a good company that provides you with no contracts, complimentary items, and insurance. That way, you know your things are in the best hands.