World-Renowned pulmonologist Dr. Yatin J Patel shares preventions for coronavirus in Hindi

Nothing but Coronavirus is the hot topic today. The virus has affected several countries worldwide now.

Dr. Yatin J Patel, a board-certified pulmonologist, and sleep physician has shared a video on youtube in which he has talked about coronavirus in detail. He described infection, symptoms, and prevention of the virus.

Dr. Patel is a world-renowned pulmonologist who at his private practice, Sneeze & Snooze Clinic, Indiana, oversees the care of the patients suffering from a variety of sleep disorders. In the video that is going viral now, Dr. Patel explained that 16% of patients will get serious and 2% will account for death due the severity of the virus. According to the doctor those 2% are the ones who are above 60.

The basic symptoms according to the doctor are Fever, Cough, and breathing problem. Breathing problem is more severe amongst all symptoms. Dr. Patel also says that if by chance you feel any such problem immediately consult the doctor. Besides, he also said that people should wear mask, avoid coming in close contact with others. Moreover, avoid touching or scratching your face again and again as the virus is said to be spread by the contact.

According to the doctor, people should inculcate habit of Hand wash with soap and water for 20 seconds. Doctor said, “Water and soap are the best disinfectants”. Besides, doctor said that people should use hand sanitizers with 60% alcohol and strictly avoid handshakes.

Also, doctor advised to avoid touching face, going to common places like temple, mosque, etc. and avoid using public transports, like bus, train, and metros.  And also he said that one should use anti-bacterial sprays for cleaning surface, handles, and faucets etc.

Dr. Patel also said that this will be curbed, and there is no need to panic!

So guys follow what the doctor says and stay healthy!