WorldAuthors.Org Presents Interview With A Notable Author, And Global Authority On Speed, Dr. Raman K Attri

WorldAuthors.Org’s UNCUT WITH LUCIA series brings you an interview with another notable author Dr. Raman K Attri. UNCUT WITH LUCIA is a series dedicated to promoting the splendid work of aspiring and established authors from all around the world. 

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Dr. Raman K Attri is a multi-faceted personality who has touched on many aspects of human life. He is a world expert on speed in personal and professional performance. He specializes in research-backed techniques to speed up professional performance and assist firms cut employee time to competence. He is a learning scientist and one of few professionals researching, writing and speaking on the topic of speed. He shares his enthusiasm by guiding leaders and professionals in all sectors of life on the science and art of speed.

He oversees a Hall of Fame training organization, which has been recognized as one of the top ten in the world, as an organizational learning leader at a Fortune 500 technology business.

He is a successful author of 20 multi-genre books that focuses on human excellence acceleration. He enjoys delving into the complexities of human experiences. He even delves into the emotional and cognitive components of human learning. 

He holds two doctorates in the learning area, has over 100 international educational credentials, and has received some of the highest certifications in the world. 

He has continued to be an inspiring figure despite his disabilities and inability to walk from childhood. 

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