‘World’s Dirtiest Man’ dies at 94, months after the first bath

An Iranian man, who is popularly known as the world’s dirtiest man, died at the age of 94, a few months after his bath. Amou Haji, who did not wash for more than half a century, believed staying dirty kept him alive for so long.

Amou Haji was afraid of water and had not bathed for more than 60 years. IRNA news agency reported that he died on Sunday in the village of Dejgah in the southern province of Fars. He lived in an open brick hut.

It is believed that Amou Haji had faced some “emotional setbacks in his youth” that made him live in isolation. Haji would eat porcupine meat, smoke cigarettes and pipes filled with animal excrement, according to Tehran Times.

Amou Haji became ill and died on Sunday, according to Iran’s IRNA news agency. He was quite fond of smoking and being clicked on at least one occasion puffing on more than one cigarette at once. Also, he smoked multiple cigarettes at once, which were gifted to him by villagers.

A short documentary film named “The Strange Life of Amou Haji” was made about his life in 2013, according to Iranian media outlets. The attempts to make him bathe have been futile, but villagers persuaded Haji to take a bath a few months ago