Yabi Drame cover 365 male magazines photographed by Kevin Sikorski and styled by Victor Lopez

Yabi Drame are ready for a retro-style story for 365 Male Magazine. Yabi who exude an infinite amount of beauty, go indoors to the 1980s with photographer Kevin Sikorski for a colorful retro TV shoot.

Luisa Soler supplied the mascara for the cheeky photos. Victor Lopez’s styling is used on Yabi diverse fashion numbers. Givenchy, Burberry, and SpiltMilk eyewear and Simone Rocha and Lacoste style inspiration, look from the 1980s Retro, are all included in the new lineup.

365 Male magazines is a New York-based independent publication dedicated to showcasing new and emerging talent in men’s lifestyle and apparel. 365 Male Magazine was established in 2020 to provide a collective forum for some of the world’s most talented individuals to grow and succeed through contemporary visual fashion. 365 Male is a quarterly magazine that features artists from all over the world and is available online and in print.

Model: Yabi Drame @yabitwotimes
Agency: Marilyn Agency @marilynagencyny
Stylist: Victor Lopez @victorlopezinc
Hair and Makeup: Luisa Soler @thisisluisasoler
Photographer : Kevin Sikorski @escaperealife