In the early ’90s, a USA-based baby was born with rich talent. Yeah! He was “YML PHAROAH” having a great interest in music. His desires were constantly growing in the field and so he finalized his future plan in the limelight industry instead of being a doctor or engineer. 

Hip-hop was the main area of his practice so, at the age of only 10, he started to perform in it without any hesitation. Within 7 years he forgot all the issues that he was facing at an early age and came one step ahead in his future by releasing track “Ancient Artifact.” Surely it was an awesome start that made his parents overwhelm themselves so they pushed him to release not only a track but this time the musical album“So Good (Carolina).” 

By the grace of GOD YML PHAROAH got a lot of appreciation from the audience that’s why he got a few collaboration proposals locally. Many other stars were willing to show their appearance with this young talent who was growing at double speed without anyone’s help. In his fan list, there was a long chain of other artists such as Young Greatness, Anthony Goff, Blvd Marc, Lotto Savage, Cosa Nostra Yayo, Ugly Money Niche, Pablo Juan, YFN Lucci, and many others.

Personal life

Being a young guy it was not that easy to survive in a state where everyone was involved in drugs, gangs, group fights, and many other violations. He faced many obstacles in his personal life but never underwent any disappointment. 

He believed in GOD and the luck he had come up with. Due to his strong ambitions and strategies, no one can make him down from being a rising star at a very young age. He was achieving greater day by day and people started to know him; YML PHAROAH became a great source of their parents’ and relatives’ pride.

Today he is still struggling for a better career and living a satisfying life with a lovely wife and a baby.  

Music styles

He is rich in versatility from the day of start and which is increasing over time. In the early 21stcentury, the guy was practicing only hip-hop but later he grew up with a variety of music styles. His talent and interest in music are unbelievable which makes him finest in his favorite field.

Electronic musical instruments are now toys for him which he can easily play with by creating unbelievable musical vibes. He can make you feel like amazing musical ambiance with different themes. Nothing can beat his talent that’s why YML PHAROAH is having great augmentation in his fan list. 

His Empowerment 

YML PHAROAH is an unbelievable guy and no one is a match in the field he’s doing great in. You may even search in the state where he’s been living for the past many years. Along with age his achievements are also getting high and it seems no one can beat him in the future though; still he is waiting for his long-term musical career opportunities. From the song “Behind the scene” till today he groomed himself differentially and had significant change.

The Goal

The goal is clear to fly high in the music industry within a certain age and multiple practices. 

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