‘You and Me’ by Travis Cole is a Captivating Soundscape that Demonstrates his Musical Skill

Recording artist and creative entrepreneur Travis Cole has recently released his new single “You and Me.” It is an enticing soundscape that speaks volumes about his musical prowess. Travis has always believed in honing his talents and has spent a lot of time producing tracks that instantly uplift the listener’s spirits. Travis has wormed his way out with touching lyrics and fascinating harmonies that will undoubtedly lead the listener on a lyrical voyage.

Travis began learning guitar for rock music when he was in high school. After learning that and how to sing classic acoustic songs, he realized that he wanted to progress further and expand his musical talents. Later on, he started helping other artists produce music and moved to Colorado to study music production. He felt that in order to succeed in this industry, it’s essential to absorb as much music in producing, writing, performing, recording, mixing, mastering, distribution, marketing, and social media. He also went on to build his own record label, JayFlight Music, after launching his music career.

Travis Cole released ‘You and Me’ on August 20th and has more songs planned as well as an EP in the works. ‘You and Me’ is now available on all major platforms, includingSpotify. Follow Travis Cole on hisInstagram or visit www.jayflightmusic.com for more information on his upcoming projects.