YouTuber Find Abandoned Musicians House left for decades!

Louis Davison a experienced urban explorer from Cumbria, England UK posted the amazing find to his YouTube channel (Louis Dee Vlogs) on the 18th April 2021.

The house situated in the hills of a village in Wales has been abandoned for decades leaving all its beautiful belongings behind from a grand piano, plates of lady Diana’s wedding and more.

The urban explorer said in his video “wow this place is a real gem” and he was not wrong, from clothes left on the ironing board and teddy’s on the bed it’s a real wonder how it’s still left behind.

The 10 minute video has audiences in shock at the things that he found inside the abandoned home. Louis Dee Vlogs posts every Sunday to his channel but this explore stood out to us!

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Not much is known about the previous owners but what we do no is the owner most have died just before Christmas as there is Christmas decorations around the fireplace with get well cards not far behind.

Truly amazing find in the hills of a Welsh village.