3 Muslim Girls Accused of Filming Hindu Girl in College Restroom

The Udupi district witnessed a distressing incident that resulted in serious accusations against three Muslim female students. They were alleged to have secretly filmed a Hindu girl in a college restroom.

The controversy started when Rashmi Samant, a Hindu rights activist, shared a video on social media claiming that three Muslim students at Nethra Jyothi Paramedical College had installed hidden cameras in the female restrooms to clandestinely record Hindu girls. The purported videos and images were supposedly circulated within community WhatsApp groups.

In response to Rashmi’s claims, the District Police launched an investigation. Superintendent of Police Hakay Akshay Macchindra held a press conference to address the issue and revealed that Rashmi’s allegations were baseless. It was discovered that the accused students and the girl in the restroom were acquaintances, and the video had been recorded as a prank.

Despite the police’s efforts to debunk the misinformation, the damage had already been done. The college management board and the three students allegedly involved in the incident were charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Information Technology Act. Additionally, Kalu Singh Chauhan, who posted the misleading video concerning the incident, was also charged.

It is disheartening to see how these three girls behaved with the one girl, and even though they apologized and claimed it was just a prank, such actions are unacceptable. Invading someone’s privacy, even in the name of a prank, is inappropriate. Everyone should be mindful of their actions and understand their limits. Regardless of our beliefs, it is essential to respect each other’s religions and refrain from hating innocent individuals because of their faith.