About Us

BlackbirdNews.com is the world’s first digital platform to let you know WHO IS TRENDING, bringing all the latest news, interviews and opinions about the TRENDING PEOPLE from across the globe.

Blackbird News is part of the Proficient Knowledge Group, with offices and team in both India and United States and a staff of about fifteen dedicated journalist, photo and video editors.

BlackbirdNews.com team of writers, reporters, and editors regularly break exclusive and impactful news stories about famous personal brands and trending personalities like celebrities, artists, reality stars, athletes, models, influencers, doctors, scientists, professionals, entrepreneurs, officials, politicians and more.

BlackbirdNews.com is committed to delivering a comprehensive overview of news that matters to the millennial and generation x. We will cover almost all the spheres which you and we care for, which means we will cover anyone and everyone that matters. And why not after all our loved ones and we are usually inspired by these personalities who trends. 

Our mission is to educate our readers about people and their achievements, and how and why they are only trending despite huge competition across the industry.