Alia Bhatt Faces Backlash for Leather Bag Amid Animal Welfare Advocacy

Alia Bhatt, renowned Bollywood actress and Gucci’s global brand ambassador, has been engulfed in controversy after she was spotted carrying a $2800 black leather bag at a recent Gucci event in Mumbai. Her fashion choice has ignited a firestorm of criticism, particularly in light of Bhatt’s vocal support for animal welfare and her recent involvement as a producer of the Amazon Prime Video series, ‘Poacher.’

The ‘Poacher’ series, which illuminates the illegal ivory trade and its devastating impact on elephants, initially garnered praise for its environmental advocacy. However, Bhatt’s decision to accessorize with a leather bag has raised eyebrows and sparked online debate about the consistency of her commitment to animal welfare.

Reddit users were quick to voice their concerns, with one user, Fine_Farm_8583, drawing attention to the alleged use of calf leather in Bhatt’s bag. They highlighted that calfskin is obtained from cows as young as three months old, triggering ethical questions about the treatment of animals for fashion purposes. This revelation has led to accusations of hypocrisy against the actress, as many question the alignment between her values and fashion choices.

The incident has reignited discussions about celebrity responsibility and the importance of genuine advocacy. While Bhatt’s involvement in ‘Poacher’ initially garnered praise, her recent actions have called into question the sincerity of her support for animal welfare. Users on Reddit expressed frustration with what they perceive as celebrity hypocrisy, criticizing Bhatt for promoting causes like ‘Coexist’ and ‘Poacher’ while seemingly disregarding the ethical implications of her fashion choices.

Some Reddit users questioned the media’s selective coverage, noting the disparity between praise for Bhatt’s sustainable saree usage and the lack of attention given to the controversy surrounding her leather bag. Others suggested that Bhatt could have made a more conscientious decision by refraining from carrying a calf leather bag, particularly after promoting a series focused on animal welfare.

As the debate continues to unfold online, Alia Bhatt finds herself at the center of a heated discussion about the intersection of celebrity, activism, and personal responsibility. Whether this controversy will reassess Bhatt’s public image or prompt a broader conversation about ethical fashion remains to be seen. However, one thing is certain: the incident has underscored the importance of authenticity and consistency in celebrity advocacy.