Bahati Hassani : An Australian Inspiration

Bahati Hassani is today, one of the most quickly, heading to the top, Instagram influencers, in Australia. A model and a travel and lifestyle icon, she has succeeded in conquering the social media field, In only a few months’ time. Hassani lives now a life, many girls at her age would envy. Let’s get to know her better.

Hassani’s brief bio

Hassani is of African origin. She was born in the year 2000, in Burundi, East Africa. Burundi was at that time in the middle of a civil war. At the age of five, Hassani escaped Burundi, and fate brought her as a refugee to Australia. Since then, she lives in Australia.

However, her life did not continue peacefully in her new country. Hassani suffered domestic violence for a number of years and Became pregnant at the age of 19. But still, that did not discourage her. Her courage and strength combined with her innate sense of responsibility, led her to the difficult decision of becoming a single mom at a very young age and she seems to be doing just fine.

Hassani is notonly an Instagram influencer on fashion, lifestyle and travel. She also works as a flight attendant, a model and an event promoter. All that, while raising, her child and she is only 21!

Hassani on Social Media

Hassani joined Instagram on August 2020. Within a few months she has already reached a total of 10.000+ followers from all over the world. More is yet to come.

Although she has not yet made many posts, quality beats quantity when we talk about Hassani. Her followers know that well. Being a supreme multitasker that manages every aspect of her career with high professionalism, she is willing to share her secrets with her followers in order to help them achieve a better living experience.

As a Libra sign (born on 10 October), Hassani is gifted with all the beauty, the magnetism and the grace, goddess Venus provides.

Find Hassani on Instagram

If you don’t already follow Hassani, here is your chance to do it. Connect to your profile on Instagram and follow her account. You will find her under the handle @Badgyalicy.

You can also contact her via her personal email that is She answers all the emails she receives. Feel also free to contact her for any cooperation proposal, regarding a product or an event promotion.

Having now taken a closer look on Bahati Hassani’s life and her achievements, we bet you should be at least surprised. Yet, you have right before your eyes a perfect example of what faith and courage can do. Hassani has been a role model for many people and has succeeded on making a positive impact in the lives of even more.

She is considered a rising star. And by all means, not unfairly!