Buy Tether ERC20 (USDT) by Visa and MasterCard card

The world is gradually moving online because modern technologies allow you to order most goods and services without leaving home. This was the reason for the growing popularity of electronic money. Any actions related to the bank, including ordering a bank card, paying bills and payments, contacting support services, and others, can be done on the Internet by opening Internet banking in a browser or using the official mobile application.

Among the bank’s clients, there are probably many cryptocurrency investors; they often question how to buy Tether ERC20 (USDT) by Visa and MasterCard card to make it more convenient to manage funds. Follow the link to know more

Using online exchangers

Searching for a reliable exchange service that offers attractive transaction conditions can take a long if you do not turn to a specialized monitoring portal. Administrators of such resources check exchangers before adding them to the rating and then continue to monitor the fulfilment of their obligations and update information about them. It is especially worth using online exchangers to withdraw cryptocurrency when funds are needed urgently since the whole process will not take much time. In addition, the procedure is simple even for a beginner:

  • You must go to any monitoring portal, for example, Bestchange, and select buy Tether by Visa and MasterCard Credit card.
  • The most suitable item is selected from the proposed list, considering several vital criteria: current exchange rate, reserve size, minimum and maximum transfer amount, user reviews, application processing mode, etc.
  • To go to the exchanger’s website, click on the line with its name.
  • As a standard, the main page immediately displays a form that needs to be filled in with data: withdrawal amount, Tether wallet address, and bank card number.
  • After sending the application and transferring digital coins, the money will soon be credited to the specified Credit Card USD.

Other ways to buy

In addition to electronic exchangers, withdrawal of Tether USDT stablecoin in the ERC20 network can be carried out through crypto exchanges. However, you will have to spend more time and effort with them. First of all, you need to register on the exchange website. Next, it is advisable to undergo verification. Although this procedure is considered optional on most platforms, without completing it, there is a high probability of your account being frozen due to suspected fraud.

You need to transfer the required amount of Tether to the balance of the identified account, create an order to sell it, and wait for a counteroffer to appear. It is best to focus on the average market exchange rate. Upon completion of the transaction, the rubles received can be withdrawn to a bank card. It is worth noting that all transactions performed usually incur a fee.

Another way is direct exchange. If you don’t know anyone who wants to buy Tether, you should advertise cryptocurrency on thematic online platforms or respond to an existing offer. Having found a buyer, you need to discuss in detail all the terms of the exchange. This method is recommended to be used only in extreme cases because it is easy to fall for the trick of scammers and lose money.