Colonel Amit Kumar: A Chronicle of Valor, Resilience, and Justice in Service to Nation and Humanity

Early Loss, Maternal Influence

Colonel Amit Kumar, the elder child among two siblings, faced adversity at a tender age. Losing his father at the age of four, he found solace and strength in the unwavering support of his widowed mother. Hailing from a lineage of freedom fighters, she single-handedly raised both her children, instilling in them traits of compassion, determination, and the courage to fight against injustice from their earliest years.

Academic Struggles, Unfulfilled Dreams

Despite his aspirations to pursue cricket, Amit’s dreams remained unfulfilled due to dire financial circumstances and familial responsibilities. Academic challenges compounded his journey, yet by the age of eight, he displayed maturity beyond his years, efficiently managing household affairs within his capabilities.

Leadership Emergence, Student Union Role

Amit’s leadership skills blossomed during his college years, where he became the Vice President of the Student Union, earning a significant following among his peers. Initiating a neglected tradition of organizing flag hoisting ceremonies, he brought students and teachers together, marking himself as a unifying figure within the college community.

Transformative Moments: Army Selection

The trajectory of Amit’s life altered dramatically during his selection interview for the Army. Two pivotal incidents, including an encounter where he slapped a police officer, and another where he was rescued by the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), redirected his path towards a life of service.

Commissioned: Infantry Journey Begins

On June 24, 2000, Amit was commissioned through direct entry from the Indian Military Academy into The SIKHLI INFANTRY Regiment. His journey within the Infantry saw him serve in various capacities, including Intelligence Officer, Ghatak Platoon Commander, Adjutant, Company Commander, and Second in Command. Rigorous training courses honed his skills and expertise, shaping him into a capable and seasoned soldier.

Transition to Legal Domain

A shift in career path led Amit to excel as an Assistant Judge Advocate General (AJAG) in Central Command Lucknow. Here, he met Lieutenant AnnuDogra, who would later become his wife, marking a unique union within the Judge Advocate General’s branch.

Legal Passion Ignited

Amit’s passion for legal studies grew exponentially, fueled by a desire to combat injustice. His dedication led him to excel in examinations for entry into the Judge Advocate General’s Department. Throughout his tenure, he held esteemed positions, including Officer In charge of the legal cell of the High Court in Jammu and Kashmir and the Supreme Court.

Post-Retirement Advocacy Efforts

Even in retirement, Colonel Amit Kumar remains committed to advocating for the welfare and protection of soldiers and their families’ human rights. Notable endeavors include filing a writ petition in the Supreme Court to protect Major Aditya amidst media scrutiny and leading a petition on behalf of falsely implicated soldiers in AFSPA areas.

Legacy of Service and Justice

Colonel Amit Kumar’s legacy is one of service, courage, and unwavering dedication to justice. His journey serves as a beacon of inspiration, not only within the military community but also for humanity at large.