Five Hospitalized After Consuming Lethal Mouth Freshener at Gurugram Restaurant

In a shocking turn of events, a seemingly routine dinner outing turned into a nightmare for five individuals in Gurugram, as they were rushed to the hospital after consuming mouth freshener at a local restaurant. What initially appeared to be a harmless after-dinner indulgence quickly spiraled into a health emergency, leaving the victims in critical condition.

The incident occurred when Ankit Kumar, accompanied by his wife Neha Sabarwal, friends Manik Goinka and his wife Preetika, and Deepak Arora with his wife Himani, visited a restaurant in Gurugram sector 90. Little did they know that the innocent gesture of accepting mouth fresheners offered by the restaurant staff would have dire consequences.

According to Ankit’s account provided to the police, the aftermath of consuming the mouth fresheners was swift and alarming. Those who ingested the substance began experiencing severe symptoms, including vomiting and bleeding from their mouths. Amidst the chaos, Ankit, who was carrying his one-year-old daughter, refrained from consuming the potentially harmful substance. This decision likely spared him from the ordeal faced by his companions.

Despite the deteriorating health of the victims, the restaurant management and staff purportedly displayed a shocking lack of concern and failed to provide assistance. Faced with a dire situation, the group resorted to seeking help from law enforcement, prompting police intervention and subsequent medical assistance.

Upon their arrival at the hospital, the gravity of the situation became apparent. Medical professionals revealed that the mouth fresheners contained ‘dry ice,’ a substance known for its lethal properties. Dry ice, essentially frozen carbon dioxide, can pose serious health risks when ingested, including internal burns and tissue damage, with fatal consequences.

In light of the severity of the incident, authorities swiftly took action, registering a case under sections 120B and 328 of the Indian Penal Code. As investigations unfold, questions surrounding the source and handling of the deadly substance loom large. The restaurant staff’s safety protocols and ethical responsibilities have come under scrutiny, highlighting the need for stringent regulations and vigilant oversight within the food and hospitality industry.

Meanwhile, the victims are undergoing treatment and recovery under the care of medical professionals, their lives forever altered by a harrowing brush with danger. The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the potential hazards lurking in seemingly innocuous everyday experiences. It underscores the importance of vigilance and caution in safeguarding public health and well-being.

The quest for accountability and justice continues as authorities delve deeper into the matter. The echoes of this tragic incident resonate as a cautionary tale, urging greater diligence and accountability to prevent similar crises from unfolding in the future. In pursuing justice for the victims and establishing robust safety measures, the community stands united in its resolve to confront and address the challenges posed by such unforeseen dangers.