Get To Know “Are.O” (FKA- RockstarRican) While He’s On The Come Up

Are.O has been growing an incredible audience with his invasive ability to deliver such a raging lyrical structure. Within a short period of time, his songs have reached millions of streams on various streaming platforms. His raging and unique style shows the potential of a potential breakthrough in his music career. His single, “Hot Hot” has also gained widespread feedback because of the catchy hook. As an independent artist with no label backing, he is paving the way for a career that will lead to bigger opportunities in the near future for him.

Are.O (RockstarRican) is tremendously becoming an inspiration for other underground rap artists. Based out of Richmond, Va, he has created a sound that is unique and does not overlap with the existing streams of similar-sounding music. Are.O has put his passion and creative ability in one linear progression that has helped him gain more and more supporters. His popularity on various music streaming platforms gave him the exposure to reach out to a global music crowd. Modern-day hip hop and rap constantly go through creative evolution. His newest song ‘Like This’ will drastically enlarge his personal growth that will push him towards availing new sound structures in his music.

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