How Cyrus Nazari’s Self-Titled Collection is Paying Homage to His Biggest Inspirations

Cyrus Nazari is an Iranian fashion designer whose mission is to empower women with his one of a kind modern and sophisticated pieces. Nazari’s muse is women, and feels as though women are complex, multifaceted, and fierce in pursuit of their endeavors, so their wardrobe should display the same notion.

Nazari’s passion for fashions stems from his parents. “My father was always an impeccably dressed man from head to toe and similarly, my mother. She is extremely fashion conscious and well-dressed,” Nazari says in an interview.

Nazari has been around fashion-forward for as long as he can remember. Nazari states,“I learned how to tie a tie before tying my shoelaces.”

When Nazari turned 12 years old, he emmigrated from Iran to Paris, France. Nazari finished the duration of his early education there. From there, Nazari went on to college at the Esmod Fashion School in Paris. Nazari studied design and graduated with a double major in Fashion Design and Pattern Making. He then went on to develop his craft through working in several notable Ateliers in Europe.

30 years in the fashion industry and Cyrus Nazari has developed and designed highly technical cut and sew garments for some of the most notable brands that are based in Los Angeles. His experience from couture design houses have laid the foundation for his inspiration to offer this same level of atelier experience to his own clients. He later opened his development and production business in Los Angeles called Fil and Needle.

Every great designer has their muses. Nazari has many accolades for his work, but he claims 90’s fashion, the female body, and the work of other designers are the three most influential themes. 

Nazari is beyond ecstatic that 90’s trends are back in today’s trends and styles, as he loves the lines, shapes, and colors that come from them. When explaining why he finds much inspiration from the female form, he states, “Allowing the materials to flow with the female shape is how I would describe my brand’s aesthetic.” Thus, designers who follow these themes such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler, and Alexander McQueen also serve as inspiration.

Nazari’s self-titled collection, Cyrus Nazari, was created to match the lifestyle of the quintessential LA woman; bold, stylish, and active. It offers versatile basics that comfortably take any woman seamlessly from day to night, with an emphasis on custom designed prints, sexy, upscale dresses, and tailored pieces. The pieces in this collection maintain the same exceptional fit and construction, which has helped establish Nazari as a leader in the US apparel industry.

The company covers all aspects of apparel, producing everything from private labels to commercial department store collections. Additionally, by manufacturing 100% of their garments within the borders of the US, they continue to proudly reduce their carbon footprint.

To aspiring fashion designers who want to follow in Nazari’s footsteps, his advice is, “Learn very early that you are unique and different, and that’s what should show in your work. At the same time, no one ever got anywhere without hard work and the skill set to put a vision into reality. Work on your craft every day. Trends will change, the quality of your work should never.”

You can find more about Cyrus Nazari and his collection here.