How Ironhaul Excavators help you with your next big rig machinery purchase

Ironhaul excavators know that your next piece of heavy machinery can be a difficult choice. That’s no matter whether it’s a hauler, tractor or something else. Essentially, you have two options and your first will take you down the path of buying the machinery new. This will come with a hefty price tag that could significantly affect your overall budget. Your other option is to go with used equipment. With this, however, the second-hand machinery you’re considering may not be in the best condition and could look like a gamble. That’s where we at Ironhaul Excavators come in to help ease your worries ahead of time.

We ensure the machinery we sell is always up to standard so you can shop confidently with us every time.

Ironhaul excavators eliminate common pain points

The first of these is ensuring that every machine we sell you has been thoroughly inspected. They have been fully tested and will be in peak working condition when you receive them. They will get the job done, and we’ll eliminate any unwelcome surprises.

Every machine that is in our inventory has had to pass a rigorous 63-point checklist before we even consider putting it up for sale. This will cover every aspect of the machine and if that isn’t enough, we also offer a 7-day money back guarantee with your equipment purchase. That means if there’s any reason you’re not satisfied with the item, we’ll gladly accept it back within the timeframe and get you a full refund.

We handle the struggles of delivery

As we’re well aware, you’re on the lookout for heavy machinery that supports industries from construction to agriculture. Therefore, such cumbersome machinery means it can be quite a logistical headache. However, as our customer we ensure you won’t have to worry about that. We handle the end-to-end delivery of your equipment and take it right where you need it to be. Our well developed and experienced delivery network and own fleet of trucks handle deliveries where possible.

We have built this up with our experience of working with well maintained companies. So when you choose us you find out soon you’re in very good hands.

Part of the reason we handle the delivery aspect in full is to ensure that the equipment gets to you in the best condition possible. This is even after all the inspection we’ve given it before listing it for sale. If we find any issues during our final checklist before sending it out then the equipment will only be despatched once that issue is resolved.

We maintain high standards and constantly monitor that they are being held. Of course, if on the small chance you do receive a faulty item, we would reach out to you and decide how you want to proceed or simply look for a different item we may have for sale.

Shop confidently with us

You can bet that when you shop with us for your next piece of used machinery, you’ll get quality at a fantastic price. We like to ensure that each and every one of our customers is completely satisfied every time. Take a look at what we’re currently offering here for more of an idea. We can’t wait to speak with you.