Liz Cambage features naked in ESPN’s Body Issue

Basketball star Liz Cambage, who models part-time, has stripped down for ESPN’s Body Issue. The Australian basketballer Cambage also admitted that she’s nervous about “the whole world seeing my butt.” Also, she said that she has been waiting nervously for the release of ESPN Magazine’s Body Issue this week’s this week as the “whole world” was about to “see her butt”.

In a statement, Cambage said, “It was pretty crazy. I was naked in front of like 15 to 20 people.”

Further she said, “I think that’s why I’m nervous. I know my angles when I take Instagram photos, but this is out of my control, so it’s scary. I always struggled with being an athlete that doesn’t have a six-pack (abdomen) or isn’t ripped or slim like the other girls. Being a thicker post player, and being someone who grew up with self-confidence issues, it’s pretty empowering that I’ve been chosen as this figurehead of basketball in my sport. They see my body as beautiful and powerful, and they want to put that out there to the world.”