Maria Sharapova’s Life Beyond Tennis

Maria Sharapova, the former tennis sensation, has gracefully transitioned from the courts to the world of motherhood, entrepreneurship, and ambassadorship. While her remarkable tennis career earned her numerous accolades, including five Grand Slam titles and the World No. 1 ranking, her life has taken a beautiful new turn since her retirement in February 2020.

In December 2020, Sharapova announced her engagement to British businessman Alexander Gilkes, and in July 2022, the couple welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Theodore. Maria Sharapova’s journey into motherhood has been nothing short of inspiring, and she recently shared her experiences and reflections with former tennis player Andrea Petkovic on ‘The Rennae Stubbs Tennis Podcast.’

Maria Sharapova spoke candidly about how becoming a mother has been one of the most significant accomplishments of her life. She expressed newfound respect for the journey of motherhood and parenthood, acknowledging the unique challenges and responsibilities that come with it.

“I became a mother about a year ago, which I think was one of the greatest accomplishments that I’ve ever experienced. I have an entirely new respect for motherhood and parenthood, and just that this is the moment of how your body is experiencing something completely different, your mind somewhere else,” Sharapova shared during the podcast.

Image Credit: Instagram @mariasharapova

Sharapova also touched upon the challenges of balancing her ambition with her desire for a loving family. While she has always been ambitious and set significant goals in her career and business ventures, she expressed the longing to come home to a beautiful and loving family.

The juggling act between pursuing her ambitions and being a dedicated mother is something many working parents can relate to. Sharapova’s candid acknowledgment of this balancing act resonates with individuals striving to excel professionally and personally.

During the conversation, Andrea Petkovic expressed her desire to see Maria Sharapova at tennis tournaments. While Sharapova retired from professional tennis, her presence is still missed by fans and fellow players.

In response, Sharapova playfully mentioned that her son, Theodore, would greatly appreciate her presence at tennis events. As a young child, he continues to rely on her care and support.

Maria Sharapova’s legacy extends beyond her tennis achievements. She acknowledged that she transitioned from being a tennis player to an entertainer who could inspire and uplift others. Her on-court resilience and determination provided hope and inspiration to those who watched her play.

As Sharapova eloquently stated, “If I could turn that match around and show them on a bad day I was able to win or I was able to improve in front of their eyes, imagine how they’ll go to sleep. That impact you try to forget because there’s a lot of pressure with it, but ultimately it’s such a beautiful feeling to have that you can have inspiration on other people.”

Maria Sharapova’s journey into motherhood and her continued pursuit of ambitious goals outside of tennis inspire many. Her ability to balance her roles as a mother, entrepreneur, and ambassador showcases the strength and resilience that define her character. While she may have retired from professional tennis, her impact on the world continues to resonate, making her an enduring role model for aspiring athletes and working parents alike.