Meet CherryNL: The First Vietnamese Artist To Release Pop Music In the GOGO Genre

Cherry Nguyen Lam, often known as CherryNL, is a creative force that pushes artistic boundaries in the dynamic music industry, where originality and cultural fusion are highly valued. CherryNL’s path, which began with her modest beginnings as a church pianist and led to her ascent as a rising international star, is proof of her persistent dedication, extraordinary talent, and distinctive take on music.

Childhood and the Origins of Music

CherryNL initially discovered the power of music in the pews and at the piano of her neighborhood church, where her musical journey began. This early exposure to musical performance formed the foundation for what would eventually become an intense quest for musical creativity. Her ability to play the piano well and her commitment to discovering and incorporating a variety of musical styles into her repertoire helped her go from being a little-known local musician to a well-known global figure in the music industry.

Breakthrough and Evolution

The release of her debut single, “We Get the Party Started Feat. B.A.,” marked a significant milestone in CherryNL’s career, amassing over 30,000 streams within months of its release. This initial success clearly indicated her music’s widespread appeal and potential to influence the industry at large. However, her venture into the GoGo genre with her latest project, featuring the legendary Sugar Bear, truly showcased her innovative approach to music. This collaboration brought forth a vibrant fusion of GoGo, Pop, and R&B elements, setting a new direction in her musical journey.

Artistic Vision and Cultural Fusion

CherryNL’s inspiration to blend GoGo with Pop stems from her deep appreciation for the GoGo genre’s energetic beats and rhythmic vitality, introduced to her by her godfather, Eric Parker. This admiration led to the creation of a sound that pays homage to her Vietnamese roots through the inclusion of a Vietnamese chorus and resonates with a global audience. This fusion of genres and cultures in her music underscores CherryNL’s vision of creating a universal musical language that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.

Collaboration and Family Influence

The collaboration with Sugar Bear and the involvement of CherryNL’s family in her music production highlights the profound impact of personal connections and cultural heritage on her work. Eric Parker II, her godbrother, played a pivotal role in the song’s production, exemplifying the collaborative spirit that defines her musical projects. This blend of family support, artistic collaboration, and cultural pride infuses CherryNL’s music with a warmth and authenticity that listeners can deeply connect with.

Future Endeavors and Global Reach

Looking ahead, CherryNL is excited about the potential of technology to bridge the gap between artists and audiences worldwide. She envisions live concerts that are not just performances but interactive experiences, enabling fans across the globe to connect and share in the musical journey.


From her beginnings in church music to her ground-breaking ventures into GoGo and Pop, Cherry Nguyen Lam, often known as CherryNL, has carved out a name for herself in the music industry by deftly fusing several cultures and genres. Her story is one of artistic evolution, cultural pride, and the continuous pursuit of musical innovation. As CherryNL continues to explore new sonic territories and push the boundaries of what music can be, she invites listeners to join her on a journey that redefines the landscape of contemporary music. Her latest single, “I Need to Know Feat Sugar Bear,” is not just a song but a celebration of musical fusion, a tribute to cultural legacy, and a step forward in her quest for new artistic horizons.

Fans and new listeners alike are encouraged to discover CherryNL’s music, which is a testament to her creativity, passion, and the joy of musical discovery. As she promises more breakthrough music that crosses boundaries and brings people together, CherryNL’s journey is one to watch and be a part of. Explore her latest single and follow her ongoing musical adventure, for in the world of CherryNL, music is a universal narrative that speaks to the heart of a diverse global audience.

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