Plane Crash Survivor Chloe Veal Launched A GoFundMe Campaign To Fulfill Her ATP Airline Transport Pilot Dream

Chloe Veal, a pilot with over 1,000 hours of flying experience, recently survived a harrowing plane crash that captured the nation’s attention. Her remarkable story of courage and determination has touched the hearts of many, and she’s now seeking support through a GoFundMe campaign as she embarks on her journey to fulfill her dream of becoming an ATP airline transport pilot.

On a routine flight from Destin to Atlanta, Chloe found herself facing a life-or-death situation when the plane’s engine failed at 4500 feet above Clayton County.

Recalling the terrifying moment, she said, “We were losing altitude really fast. We just wanted to do it in a place where there would be no explosion. We lost the engine, and we only had three minutes to realize what we were going to do. It was pitch black.

Despite the dire circumstances, Chloe and her fellow pilot made a split-second decision to keep the plane in the air and avoid crashing into a residential area. Instead, they glided the aircraft into the woods, where tree branches minimized the impact, ultimately saving their lives. For three grueling hours, Chloe and her co-pilot battled injuries and uncertainty, showcasing their unwavering determination and resolve.

Chloe’s journey from that terrifying night to her current state of recovery is a testament to her faith, resilience, and extensive training as a pilot. The incident reaffirmed her passion for aviation and her dream of becoming a commercial pilot. Now, she’s motivated to get back on her feet, both figuratively and literally, to achieve her goal of becoming an airline pilot.

The GoFundMe campaign Chloe has launched aims to support her as she works toward becoming an airline pilot and rebuilding her life after the crash. The funds raised will be used to cover medical expenses, rehabilitation, and ATP airline transport pilot training costs.

Chloe’s story has not gone unnoticed. Major media outlets, including FOX, People, TIME, and USA Today, have shared her incredible journey, but she still needs support to overcome the challenges ahead.

With the help of contributors, Chloe Veal can continue pursuing her dream and inspire others with her story of resilience and determination. Every donation counts, no matter the size, in helping her achieve her dream and rebuild her life.

To contribute to Chloe Veal’s GoFundMe campaign and be a part of her inspirational journey, please visit