Pune Municipal Corporation to Build Exclusive Pet Dog Garden

The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) in India is set to build a new garden that will be exclusively for pet dogs. The move comes after numerous complaints from dog lovers about the lack of parks and gardens in the city that allow pets.

The municipal commissioner of Pune, Vikram Kumar, announced the plan for the new garden, stating that it will be open only to pets. He said, “Taking into consideration the demand of a large community of dog lovers in the city, the PMC plans to erect the garden soon.”

The PMC already has over 200 parks, including popular theme parks and gardens like Nala Park, Rose Garden, Palm Garden, and Nana Nani Park. However, pets are not allowed in many of these parks, making it difficult for pet owners to find suitable places to take their furry friends.

The location of the new garden has not been decided yet, but the PMC administration is reportedly considering several options. The rules for the garden are also being discussed, with the requirement for pet owners to clean up after their pets being considered, similar to regulations in Western countries.

The PMC is also conducting a survey of stray dogs in the city and has appointed an agency to carry out the task. The move is part of the corporation’s efforts to improve the conditions for pets and pet owners in the city.

With the new garden, pet owners in Pune will have a safe and exclusive place to take their dogs for exercise and play. The move is expected to be welcomed by the city’s dog-loving community, who have long been advocating for such a facility.

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