Why is the live-in relationship a new trend in India?

In recent times, the concept of live-in relationships has been gaining popularity in India, taking away the traditional norms and paving the way for a new trend in relationships. While live-in relationships have been quite a common concept globally, the concept has been a relatively new phenomenon in India.

India’s societal norms and cultural traditions have always been different from the structure of relationships common globally. Changing mindsets and evolving social norms have played an imperative role in the acceptance of live-in relationships in the country, as many of us have accepted the lifestyle of western people.

Also, economic factors play a key role in the rise of live-in relationships in India, as young couples find it more practical to share expenses and resources to live a healthy and happy life, especially in urban areas.

One of the biggest contributing factors is the changing mindset of gender roles and women’s empowerment in Indian society. As women are now more financially independent and confident in their choices, the traditional concept of dependence on men for financial security is slowly diminishing. So, if you feel like trying a live-in relationship, don’t be afraid to take the chance and try the new trend in modern Indian relationships!