A Guide to Nourishing Meals for Busy People

Finding time to prepare healthy meals can seem impossible when you are a busy professional. Your early morning starts, long hours, and problematic commute leave little to no time to maintain a healthy diet. However, with some planning and the following tips, you can enjoy healthy and nutritious meals all week.

Plan Ahead

The key to eating well on a hectic schedule is being proactive. Take time on the weekends to map out your meals for the week ahead. Cook larger batches of grains, proteins, and vegetable sides so you have quick access to leftovers. You can also chop and prepare in advance to save time later. For instance, wash and chop veggies for easy grabbing for salads and snacks. 

Meal Delivery Services

A healthy meal prep delivery service can be a lifesaver if you want balanced meals without planning or shopping. They allow you to have wholesome, pre-portioned meals delivered to your home, taking the guesswork out of dinner. You simply heat them and enjoy. With no subscriptions required, you can order exactly what you need.

Focus on Balanced Meals

When you do have time to cook, focus on creating balanced meals. Include lean proteins like chicken, fish, eggs, or tofu and complex carbs such as brown rice or whole-grain pasta. Round your plate with plenty of vegetables for vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Adding healthy fats from olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds helps support overall health. 

Utilize the Slow Cooker

Let the slow cooker be your sous chef on hectic days. Simply throw ingredients in the morning and come home to a hearty, ready-to-eat meal. Chili, soup, stew, and shredded meat are easy wins. You can keep a stash of frozen pre-prepped veggies to toss in. Pair your slow-cooked meal with a simple salad or quick roasted vegetable side. 

Keep it Simple

Don’t be afraid to keep it simple sometimes. A bowl filled with pre-cooked whole grains or pasta, greens, proteins, nuts, and a vinaigrette makes for a nourishing meal. Whipped-up scrambled eggs with veggies and avocado toast make balanced breakfasts or dinners. Healthy wrap or grain bowls loaded with good-for-you ingredients are another fast option.  

Prep, Grab & Go Items

Having ready-to-eat items on hand makes putting together meals much quicker. Hard boil a bunch of eggs for easy protein all week long. Roast a batch of chickpeas to add to salads and grain bowls. Make extra wholemeal pasta or brown rice to have on standby. Wash and prep vegetables and store them in grab-and-go containers. 

Stock Up on Healthy Convenience Items

Don’t be afraid to keep certain shortcut items on hand for time-saving benefits. Canned beans, tuna, and salmon streamline meal assembly. Look for pre-chopped veggies and pre-cooked grains to eliminate extra steps. Frozen fruits and veggies retain nutrients and can be grabbed as needed.  

By implementing some of these do-ahead strategies and keeping things simple, you can still enjoy nourishing meals throughout your busy schedule. Your health is worth the investment of a bit of planning. Your body will thank you!