Pen Pin: From Mitski’s Tour to Dreamy Debut

Pen Pin is the new sun-soaked indie pop project from songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Jeni Magana and Emily Moore. Both established musicians in their own right, they met while touring with Mitski and started writing and recording their debut album whenever they weren’t on the road. The result of their “pen pinspiration” has become a chill, vintage pop album that sounds and feels like lounging by a Palm Desert pool when the afternoon becomes the dusk.

The whole process of self-producing these songs has captured a moment of inspiration and a joyous collaboration between friends. The LP entitled Pony Up is about these feelings: the spark of inspiration, holding onto happiness, and friendship. 

Pen Pin’s debut single “Fringe!” details capturing a moment in a relationship that is pure joy and recalling that feeling when times get tough. The song received acclaim by the likes of LADYGUNN who called it ” a unique blend of dreamy melodies, clever lyrics, and experimental soundscapes that create an intriguing and immersive listening experience,” and Wonderland who proclaimed that that the single is “bursting with golden vocals, framed by nostalgic piano.

“Their new single “The Boredom” is about the perils of low levels of dopamine. Jeni confides, “I hope it serves as a reminder not to be too hard on ourselves when we find ourselves scrolling through our phones yet again, without knowing how we got there. “The Boredom” isn’t necessarily evil, but it’s a character that you might not always want around but seems to show up when you least expect it anyway.” Surf rock drenched guitars underlay layered breezy melodies for an end of summer earworm. 

Designed to bring you company on your evening walks through the park, Pony Up is set to be released Spring, 2024. 

You can follow Pen Pin on Instagram @penpinmusic