Anju Bobby George’s Take on Positive Changes and Future Aspirations

In a recent event at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence on Christmas, Anju Bobby George, India’s first-ever World Athletics Championship medallist, reflected on her illustrious career and the evolution of sports in the country. Anju, who won a bronze medal in the women’s long jump at the 2003 World Championships in Athletics in Paris, expressed her admiration for the positive changes she witnessed in the sporting arena. In particular, she lauded Prime Minister Modi’s efforts to promote and transform sports in India.

Anju Bobby George, a legendary long jumper, expressed a sense of nostalgia, stating that she competed “in the wrong era.” Recounting her journey, she highlighted the challenges faced by athletes in the past, including the lack of recognition and support. Despite winning India’s first global medal two decades ago, Anju shared that even her department was unwilling to grant her a promotion at the time. However, she acknowledged the transformative impact of recent successes, citing Neeraj Chopra’s medal as a turning point that triggered positive changes in the treatment of athletes.

During the event, Anju Bobby George discussed the significant shift in how India now celebrates athletes and women’s empowerment in sports. She emphasized that women empowerment is no longer just a concept but a reality, with every Indian girl now feeling empowered to dream, knowing that their aspirations can become a reality. Recognizing and celebrating athletes’ accomplishments have played a pivotal role in changing societal perceptions of sports and athletes.

Anju Bobby George expressed her admiration for the ongoing changes in Indian sports, driven by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to the cause. The legendary athlete highlighted the progress made in recent years and expressed optimism about India’s future in the global sports arena. Believing that India is on the path to becoming a sports powerhouse, Anju predicted that the nation would soon reach the pinnacle of the sports world.

Anju Bobby George’s achievements in athletics have left an indelible mark on India’s sporting history. Apart from her historic bronze medal at the 2003 World Championships, she also secured a gold medal at the 2003 Afro-Asian Games and achieved her personal best at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Her contributions to Indian sports were recognized with prestigious awards, including the Arjuna Award in 2002, Khel Ratna in 2003, and the Padma Shri in 2004.