BBC News Anchor’s Middle Finger Mishap: A Brief Apology Amidst a Viral Fiasco

BBC News anchor Maryam Moshiri found herself at the center of an unusual controversy when a private joke with her team inadvertently made its way onto live television. The incident occurred during the broadcast’s familiar countdown sequence, where Moshiri playfully raised her middle finger, thinking it was a lighthearted jest meant for her colleagues.

Quickly realizing the gaffe, Moshiri promptly lowered her hand and transitioned seamlessly into delivering headlines about Boris Johnson’s appearance at the Covid inquiry. The incident, although unintentional, sparked a mix of reactions from viewers and led to a subsequent apology from the news anchor.

Taking to Twitter, Moshiri regretted the unintended on-air gesture, clarifying that it was a private joke meant for a small group of friends. She apologized for any offence caused and acknowledged that the incident was not her intention, concluding the message with a facepalm emoji.

While some viewers criticized the incident as unprofessional and called for action against the BBC, Moshiri received support from others who found the moment amusing. Amid the controversy, one viewer even demanded more such light-hearted moments, emphasizing the need for a balance between serious news and moments of levity.

Comparisons were drawn to past incidents of live television mishaps, notably the 2010 incident involving BBC weatherman Tomasz Schafernaker, who humorously flipped the bird on camera, leading to a memorable and enduring moment in television history.

The episode also prompted discussions about the impact of live mistakes in news broadcasting, recalling instances such as the 2006 case of Guy Goma, who was mistakenly interviewed on air, and the 2016 mix-up when a gorilla was shown instead of former Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on BBC Breakfast.

Adding an intriguing twist to the story, Robert Coxwell, the gallery producer for the show, shed light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics, revealing how the clip went viral. Despite the incident’s unintended nature, it served as a reminder of the unpredictable and sometimes humorous side of live television.