Best Engagement Rings for the Socially Responsible Couple

In modern society, care for the environment is one of the main concerns pervading the different social strata. While until a few decades ago the well-being of the world’s natural resources was largely overlooked in favour of capitalism, industrialism and profit, nowadays people are thankfully becoming more aware of the environmental and social footprint they make every day. Our growing appreciation for the impact we make on our planet and the realisation that its resources are finite is leading us to make more socially responsible choices in all elements of our lives, including discerning what gemstones and metals make for the best engagement rings, environmentally speaking.

Unfortunately, a certain amount of effort has to be put into finding these alternative options. However, they are nowhere near impossible to find, especially in what concerns ecologically conscious jewellery; in fact, the best engagement rings by moissaniteco for a bride that values social responsibility can be sourced relatively easily, and the results can be quite exquisite.

Conflict Free Gemstones

The rise in media attention focusing on ‘blood diamonds’ and atrocious mining conditions has led to public outcry. Even the most gorgeous diamond engagement ring can be tainted if followed by the black cloud of questionable origins and deplorable conditions. Even if the ‘where and how’ of your diamond’s origins are not a huge priority to you, there is still something quite distasteful about the suspicion that another human being suffered to provide you with a sparkly ring. This is hardly the association you want to have with this precious token of love.

The Kimberly Process

In 2002 a joint government and industry effort, known as The Kimberley Process, initiated a governing body to stem the flow of ‘blood diamonds’ in Africa that are used to finance rebel warfare. This was a major step towards ending bitter and bloody battles that were often seen in and around mining sites that produced diamonds to finance political wars. The media and political exposure then began to reveal the realty of the horrendous conditions in the mines and the unethical treatment of the miners. Diamonds mined in these areas are now subject to strict production policies and guidelines before they receive certification from the Kimberly Process. This certification should be available for the consumer to view when buying their diamond and therefore help them select their stone more knowledgeably and responsibly.

Fair Trade

Unfortunately, the Kimberly Process does not monitor or influence conditions that miners work or live in. The diamond industry currently does not have any fair trade policies and is not regulated. Efforts are being made and, since the successful introduction of fair trade standards for gold it is projected that diamonds will not be far behind. But what does this mean to the consumer who is trying to make the socially responsible choice? It simply means a little more research to find the best engagement rings from reputable vendors who emphasize and prove their belief in the need for fair trade regulations.

There are many ways to choose an engagement ring that holds the same value to you both sentimentally and ethically. Finding it may take a little more effort and it might be beneficial to consult with a bespoke engagement ring designer whose inside knowledge and resources may be the key you need to finding the best engagement ring for you that is un-burdened by the guilt of social irresponsibility.

Guide For Guys Buying Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is quite possibly one of the most difficult decisions a man has to make. Despite the fact that today many couples take on this task together, there are still those more traditionally minded men who want to do the choosing themselves. Bespoke designers such as Maria Thompson have plenty of advice for the man looking for the perfect ring and are often glad to guide in the right direction. Maria Thompson has actually written some useful guidelines on her website to help break down the seemingly endless choices into more manageable ones.

Maria Thompson’s Guide for Guys Buying Engagement Rings

Maria believes that knowing your future wife is paramount to choosing the right ring. And by knowing her, she means recognising her style, the jewellery she likes to wear, her favoured colours and the gems she chooses, too. Ask yourself whether she is a traditional jewellery wearer or does she favour something a little more unique and off the wall?

It is also a good idea to take note of other ladies’ rings. See what is in fashion and what options are out there that you may not have previously considered. Take notice and you will be pleasantly surprised with all the elements you pick up. Why not ask her best friend or sister for some ideas, too? Girls often talk about these things, and friends and family are sure to know what the love of your life really wants.

You may not have noticed before, but girls often hover around jewellery shops and linger over sparkling shop windows. Instead of wandering off, stay close next time and take note of what rings she is drawn to and what she points out. If you are buying a ring together, perhaps get a few ideas of what she likes, and then you can make the final choice so that it is still very much a surprise.

The best way to get the perfect ring is to make sure you shop with a well-known and preferably recommended jeweller. This is a big decision, and you need someone you can relate to and who you feel understands your needs and aspirations for your ring. Jewellers worth their salt will always have a good returns policy should anything not be completely perfect with the ring. And, most importantly, make sure the ring is her size. If you do not know her ring size, borrow one of her rings and size it up, but make sure she doesn’t notice.

Buying an engagementring frommoissaniteco can be a daunting thought, but with this advice from Maria Thompson and helpful tips from your chosen jeweller, you can turn it into a pleasure. Take the pressure off yourself; think about your girlfriend’s taste, personality and style, and you are bound to choose a ring perfect for her.

How to buy engagement rings?

With so many choices out there it may become difficult at times to choose the most appropriate engagement ring. In this article we share a few rules on how to pick the right one in a hassle-free manner.

An engagement ring is understood to be the most important item when it comes to celebrating a relationship. Many people even go to the extent of considering an engagement ring to be more important than a wedding ring. This is because the marriage proposal depends a lot on the engagement ring. If you have found that someone special with whom you would love to spend the rest of your life with then you will probably pop the question by offering the engagement ring at moissaniteco. How about making the occasion extra special and proposing to her with a diamond engagement ring?

The French may call a typical diamond ring tres cher but if you were to check out the various online stores selling branded diamond jewellery, then you will comes across numerous diamond engagement rings at affordable prices. There are different types of diamonds that are available in the market. Depending on your budget you will be able to find a beautiful engagement ring studded with diamonds.

Various websites selling jewellery items are giving amazing discounts on diamond rings. This is because the prices do not include taxes which are otherwise applicable on items sold through real time stores. More importantly due to the stiff competition in the market these websites are also offering attractive EMI offers on diamond rings so that customers feel encouraged to shop from their stores. With the right attitude and focused research you should be able to buy the right ring. All you need to do is prepare yourself for some market research and set a budget. We share the steps.

While browsing online you will come across well-known diamond jewellery brands. Note these down. Then prepare a list of credible online stores that sell diamond jewellery created by multiple brands. You must short-list only those e-stores that has an excellent reputation when it comes to customer service and dependability. You need to shop from a website that will provide you with the necessary guarantee and bill. Once you have prepared the names of the brands on e-stores, half of your job is done. After this task all you need to do is to begin focused research. Websites provide you with searching tools helping you in easy browsing of their large selection of fine diamond jewellery. Using these you can refine your research and find what you are looking for. This practice saves time and allows you discover that perfect engagement ring for that special someone in an efficient manner. You can further browse these online stores to check out their large collection of men’s diamond rings.

You must also contemplate the style of the person and preference for jewellery of your beloved before you buy the ring. Diamond engagement rings are available in a variety of designs. If she is fond of glamorous designs then you must give special attention to the cuts and sizes of the diamonds used to create the ring but if she appreciates simple designs then you can look for a ring accordingly. You can know about her jewellery preferences by observing the type of jewellery items that she wears on a daily basis. Princess diamond cuts are the most popularly picked diamond wedding and engagement rings but we strongly suggest that you keep an open mind. Being too selective is also a problem. Do not keep your search restricted to only one brand or one website.

An Overview of Coloured Engagement Rings

In the early days of engagement rings, there was not much a couple could choose from in terms of colours. Most stones and rings available on the market would have been of either plain or naturally occurring colours, with the smaller variety of stones and metals on offer also conditioning the choice.

As decades and centuries progressed, however, the betrothal ring market slowly began to change. New types of stones were introduced and became popular alternatives to diamonds, and new metals were discovered which also vied with the traditional gold and silver settings for the attention of engaged couples. The natural, yet breathtaking hues of most of these new stones and some of these new metals eventually led to a significant broadening of the choices available to a future bride or groom; suddenly, side- by-side with the standard rings of old, there were exciting new blue, red, green and purple engagement rings!

That paradigm has lasted to this day. Although the diamond continues to reign supreme over all other types of stone, more and more couples are discovering the appeal of purple engagement rings, red engagement rings and other such alternatives to the norm. Naturally coloured stones such as the sapphire, ruby, emerald, and jade jewelry have also been capturing the imagination of more and more shoppers, and their growing popularity may just signal the end of the diamond ring’s hegemony in upcoming decades.

Aside from the aesthetic aspect, these green, blue, purple and red rings also have the advantage of being considerably cheaper than coloured diamond rings, especially those topped by so-called ‘fancy’ diamonds (which are often times even more expensive than regular diamonds.) This will enable couples to acquire a ring which, while affordable enough, is still visually striking and topped by a real gem, rather than a synthetic imitation.

Imitation and synthetic gems are, of course, still an option for those who would like rings in non-naturally occurring colours. While usually less highly regarded than naturally coloured stones, synthetic or even dyed gems can offer the purchasing couple an even vaster array of choices, ranging beyond the traditional purple engagement rings and red ones into other, bolder and less usual colours at moissaniteco.

It is clear, then, that engaged couples nowadays can profit from a wide selection of coloured engagement rings to choose from. The final choice is, therefore, simply down to personal taste, rather than the need to settle for a particular model.

Best Engagement Rings for Nature Lovers

Harnessing Mother Nature’s Art Work

There has been a significant rise in popularity of rough or un-cut diamonds. These stones are not the standard glitzy and sparkling stones that are frequently found on rings today. Conversely they hold a raw un-touched elegance that is exquisitely unique and pays homage to Mother Nature’s infinite knowledge and skill in creating a true natural beauty. Any gemstone can be used in its natural un-altered shape and is incredibly eye-catching. Rough diamonds can be found in varying shades but rough cut emeralds, amethysts and sapphires also look equally distinctive and equally stunning in their natural state.

Floral Influences

As exquisite as a rough cut gemstone is, it may not appeal to everyone. If a more dazzling and glamorous look is desired the options are endless. Floral settings are becoming more popular and create a delicate, pretty and ultra-feminine look. Daisies, roses and lilies have all inspired spectacular settings that enhance the finer attributes of gemstones such as their fire, brilliance and sparkle. Incorporating coloured gemstones into the design of a ring gives it an even more unique and playful look that cannot help but induce smiles from all who view it. Some of the best engagement rings from moissaniteco even earlier feature exquisite floral elements and are decorated with sparkling diamonds and coloured gemstones to enhance the look.

Nature Immortalized in Metal

Bespoke designers have also shown how expert metalwork skills and talent can incorporate the beauty of nature in the band and the setting. Filigree patterns are frequently designed to emulate vines, leaves and even branches. Similar effects can be created on the band itself, with rings made to look like interwoven branches or vines that are meant to symbolise a symbiotic relationship that will last for eternity.

It is agreed that the best engagement ring will be one that is completely unique and customised for the bride-to-be. Thankfully, Mother Nature has provided us and bespoke engagement ring designers with plenty of inspiration to fulfil any nature lover’s dreams and desires and create their perfect ring.

Best Engagement Rings for Her Outgoing Personality

Let’s assume that your bride-to-be is a natural social butterfly, gregarious and extroverted. She likes to be seen and heard and would feel highly insulted if anyone ever thought of her as the quiet type. Chances are that at the top of this lively lady’s list of requirements for her ideal ring would be that it was ‘unique’. And she would not be alone in her desires, as the majority of women define the best engagement ring at moissanitecoas one that is 100% unique. This can be taken to a whole new level by making it not only unique but also completely customised.

Benefits of Going Bespoke

Bespoke designers will be able to help combine all your beloved’s likes, requirements and personality characteristics to help you create a one of a kind ring that will dazzle her and make all her friends swoon. They can introduce you to many distinctive looking alternative stones and settings, and they have the imagination and talent to suggest finer details that will make the final ring the best engagement ring, designed specifically for her.

Create Some Colour

Some of the most dazzling and gorgeous rings that immediately catch the eye are adorned with vibrant and vividly coloured gemstones. Sumptuous rubies, emeralds and even royal blue sapphires are extremely popular these days because of this. Choose your gemstone with your bride’s personality in mind or base it on her birthstone, favourite colour or a combination of the two.

Incorporate Some Character With Colour

The world of colourful rings is not really a new thing and this can work to your advantage. It is not enough to simply choose a single coloured stone, surround it with diamonds and call it quits. The best engagement rings also have character, intricate details and minute features. Consequently, one of your best resources can be vintage pieces or ones showcasing designs from days gone by. Art deco styles are an excellent option as the era’s signature style incorporates all of these desirable features. Each art deco ring is exquisitely unique and mesmerizes the eye with its extreme beauty and quality craftsmanship.

Although finding ‘the perfect ring’ for a personality that is so full of life, passion and exuberance can seem overwhelming, it is actually the most fun personality type to design for. Strive for a ring that exudes the same energy, love and sociability that your loved one displays so naturally.

Best Engagement Rings for an Active Lifestyle

Avoid the Delicate Stones

The first point to consider is your stone selection. Every gemstone is measured on a hardness scale from 1 to 10, known as the Mohs scale. Diamonds rank at 10, sapphires at 9.0, with emeralds rated at only a 7.0 and opals a 5.5. Consequently, the best engagement rings to suit an active lifestyle should probably feature a diamond or sapphire and not an opal or a pearl. This is not to say that a diamond or sapphire can withstand excessive knocks or bangs, as they too can become damaged if bashed or bumped. The best advice is to remove any engagement ring prior to vigorous activity, and this holds true for these harder gemstones as well.

The Appropriate Setting is Key

The second, and possibly most important feature to consider, is the setting and the mounting of the gemstones. Popular mounting techniques that elevate the gemstones away from the band will leave them much more susceptible to impacts and surface damage. They also have a much greater tendency to snag on clothing and other objects, which can be just plain annoying. Try to avoid prong settings or even solitaire styles and instead choose either the pave or halo setting, or one where the gemstones are a little more snugly inset into the band. The options are endless and you might gain a lot of benefit from consulting with a bespoke designer who can knowledgeably address any special needs you might have.

Watch Out For Sharp Edges

The cut you select for your featured gemstones should also be high on the list of considerations. Again, common knowledge dictates that gems cut in very angular shapes and with sharp corners will invariably be more prone to snagging or chipping and will not make the best engagement ring centrepiece for an active person. Therefore, avoid emerald cuts, marquise cuts and some pear cuts too. Gemstones with softer cuts such as the brilliant cut, the round cut, or the oval, will be better suited and simply sturdier due to their protective shape.

Choosing the best engagement rings from moissaniteco for people with particularly active lifestyles does require a little extra consideration. However, part of the beauty of the engagement ring industry is its never-ending efforts focussed on creating unique and personalised designs to suit all taste preferences and needs. So if your bride-to-be desperately wants to wear her ring while rock climbing, kayaking or trekking in the Andes, then so be it. Where there is a will there is a way, and there is bound to be a design out there to suit and thrill her.

Rings to make engagement memorable

Moissanite engagement rings are the symbol of love shared between two loved ones.

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world and the best way to signify it is with Omaha engagement ring when you are getting engaged with your loved ones. Engagement is an inevitable part of everyone’s life and everyone gets trapped in the beauty and essence of love. these occasion is the one of the most romantic and emotional moments that ever comes in your life. Engagement is the most awaited occasion after marriage in everybody’s life when they accept their love and presence in the form of exchanging rings. Thus it is the significance of the ring that is very important in this occasion. It is the ring that acts as a token for expressing love to your loved ones.

There are plenty of branded companies that are available in the market which manufactures precious rings but Omaha Engagement Rings stands out for its unique design and quality. Diamond rings are in high demand for these occasions as they suppress other stones with shine and sparkle. The sparkle and glitter of diamonds are perfect to lighten up the occasion of your engagement ceremony. These rings look stunning and have unique design with that perfect essence of romantic appeal. These rings have perfect cut stones of shape princess, oval and round cut. This ring make a woman feel very special and gives the sense that her man really loves and take care of her.

A ring actually holds a great importance and is a perfect symbol of love which is carried by the bride and groom throughout their life. It is also very important to keep few things in mind while buying these diamond rings. The cut, clarity, carat and color of the diamond is very important. These four important aspects of the diamonds should be kept in mind while buying them for the occasion at moissaniteco. It is also very important that you buy a ring that suits the personality of your special person. These diamonds rings are symbol of security, love feelings and these have immense value in the life of the persons.

There are plenty of online and offline stores that are offering the exclusive designs of diamond rings. There are different price ranges of rings that are available and one can choose from the whole lot of collections which is suitable for your needs.

6 Reasons To Choose Solitaire Rings As Engagement Rings

From centuries solitaire rings are being used as a symbol of love and that is why it is one of the most preferred rings. It is a symbolic representation of commitment these rings are especially known for that only. A solitaire ring is a style of ring which has a single diamond studded on the top and that piece is called solitaire. It is one of the most popular styles of engagement rings that are being chosen by most of the women from moissaniteco as it has many specialities. Some of its exclusive reasons to choose a solitaire diamond ring are..,

Unmatched Beauty:

Nothing can beat the beauty of this exclusive rings. The beauty of these rings are being adorned by a woman from a very long time and that is why it is preferred by a woman of every age group. These can be worn on any occasion and can be gifted to anyone. It is not necessary to gift these or choose these only for engagement purpose. It can also be used as an anniversary gift and sometimes you can surprise them too.

Classy Designs:

Design and pattern you choose to speak a lot about your personality and that are why it is advised to choose a design that speaks about your personality. Solitaire diamond rings are crafted with sassy designs to suit every personality. These designs are nor too blinky and not to basic so can be worn on any occasion according to ones’ choice. There are various ways in which these can be styled according to the occasion and gathering.

Royal Looks:

A woman always wants to flaunt the luxury, but sometimes buying an authentic big sized diamond ring is not possible. So for that these styles of rings are perfect for them and that is why one should definitely choose it for a their special occasion. Solitaire diamond rings were worn initially by the queens and people of the royal family, so it always symbolises a royalty. And for giving a royal touch to your look this is the best option.

Versatile Use:

Its versatility makes it an amazing piece of ornament. You can wear them with traditional sarees, salwar suits, lehenga and every style of traditional outfit. Solitaire rings go well with western outfits too, going for date wear them with long gown and pair a diamond-studded bracelets with it and look great. With formal attires too these look great and give a beautiful look to the wearer. It can also be gifted to near and dear one on any occasion.

Wide Range:

Choice options are the best advantage of opting a solitaire ring for her. The designs are crafted in such a way that you will find a wide variety of designs. Choose from gold plated, silver made and big sized diamond also. From heavy looking to traditional-looking you can choose from any style that will look great on you.


Affordability is the another big advantage of a solitaire ring. You need not buy a big sized diamond to flaunt your special day. You can also choose a silver solitaire or a gold plated ring and can pair them with any outfit. These will be a classy option and will be very affordable.

Tips For Buying Vintage Engagement Rings

Whether it is gold, silver, platinum, or vintage engagement rings, there are countless choices for your bride-to-be’s finger, and deciphering which one is best may be tough.

Generally speaking, a ring should relate to the intricacies of a couple’s relationship, or say something about them as a pair of individuals. If you and your partner are lovers of the past and all things tradition, then a vintage ring may be the most fitting way to commemorate your affection.

Why Opt for a Vintage Engagement Ring?

The thing that sets a vintage ring apart from all other engagement rings is its uniqueness. If you are looking at any given vintage ring, chances are no other one quite like it exists in the marketplace. These types of jewellery pieces make for genuine eye-catching talking points because they defy convention, and no other bride-to-be will be sporting anything of resemblance.

What to Ask When Buying an Antique Ring

It is always important to enquire about the materials of the ring. For instance, you should ask what carat the gold is, how big the stone or stones inside the ring are, and if the ring has ever been treated with restoration processes. These types of questions will allow you to get a better sense of the history and value of the jewellery piece you may potentially purchase.

How Buying an Antique Ring is Different to Buying a New Ring

The process of buying a vintage engagement ring from moissaniteco is an entirely different experience than buying one that is brand new. You will inevitably meet a host of small artisan jewellers who are passionate about each product they are selling. This is quite different than shopping with large scale jewellery manufacturers where the differences from product to product might not be known or even considered. Also, the market for antique rings tends to be very competitive, so prices will be fair.

Price Ranges

This can obviously vary from buyer to buyer, seller to seller, and ring to ring, but generally speaking, anywhere from £500 to £3000 can get a ring in good condition with a real story behind it.

Birthstones in Engagement Rings: A Guide

For the vast majority of couples, the choice of which engagement ring to purchase is likely to be based on personal taste, budget, symbolism and other considerations. Brides and grooms who are interested in astrology, however, may add an extra requirement to their search, and seek to buy their partners’ rings according to their birth month.

In fact, while to the average person ruby and sapphire engagement rings are simply viable and attractive alternatives to a diamond, to astrology enthusiasts they are also birthstones, each associated with a specific month and a set of characteristics.

Amateur astrologers will know, for example, that sapphire engagement rings from moissanitecowill be more suitable for and appreciated by people born in September, since that is the month the stone is associated with in the birthstone calendar. Similarly, fans of star signs will know that the dark blue hue of this stone represents heaven and serenity, and will base their choice on this knowledge as well.

Sapphire engagement rings are not, however, the only type of non-diamond ring to contain birthstones. Each month of the year contains a birthstone and, with some offering brides and grooms more than one choice, there is no shortage of unique, original and symbolic stones from which to choose.

Personality also plays a big part in the choice of birthstones. Because each of these types of gems represents a certain personality trait or natural element, some stones will naturally suit people with certain dispositions better than others. Individuals who value friendship and trust, for instance, will be pleased with a garnet engagement ring, as will those born in January, as it is their birthstone. Emerald rings represent youth and prosperity and, with their green hues, perfectly symbolise the verdant nature of their associated month, May. Sapphire engagement rings, as noted, symbolise serenity, which makes them perfect for September, the month that marks the winding down of summer and the quietude of early autumn.

For people born in March, June, November or December, this choice is slightly more complicated, as these months have numerous birthstones. However, as with other months, each of these gems represents the ‘character’ of the month of their association: June’s gems being generally light-coloured and December’s being somewhat more heavily hued. Shoppers buying for natives of these times of year will therefore have to exert discretion when choosing an engagement ring stone.

Choosing stones based on birth months and significance can, therefore, be a fun and original way to build custom engagement rings for astrology aficionados.

Priceless Turned Affordable Engagement Rings through Modern Science

There are so many factors to consider when choosing an engagement ring for your loved one. Every couple has unique desires and taste preferences in rings, but some issues remain the same. Most brides-to-be want their ring to be beautiful, unique and its choice to come from the heart. With these basics in mind the number of choices is mind-boggling. However, finding the perfect ring may reveal common concerns around affordability. The engagement, wedding and marriage industry is booming, and consequently the costs are rising. The ring could just be the tip of the iceberg. In 2011, 12% of couples spent over £5,000 on their engagement rings. It would certainly be wise to research affordable engagement rings at moissanitecobefore going into debt before you walk down the aisle.

So if you don’t have a spare £5k sitting around, modern science thankfully has come to the rescue. New technology can help you and your fiancée chose a stunning, one-of-a-kind piece from a selection of affordable engagement rings that will satisfy her dreams and give your bank balance a break.

The idea of using a diamond look-a-like is typically met with distaste and disappointment. However, modern science has come a long way from the days of rhinestones and cubic zirconia. If that classic diamond look is the only way to go, then you should look into a diamond simulant. This is not your average faux-diamond, by any means. Affordable engagement rings, featuring a simulant, look just as amazing as any dazzling diamond that you might find on a celebrity’s finger. A simulant is a coated crystal that almost perfectly recreates the optical and physical attributes of a natural diamond.

The process of creating a diamond simulant sounds like an epic chemistry adventure with a splash of fairy-dust thrown in for good measure. Only scientific testing can prove the difference between a simulant and an earth-mined diamond. The miracle begins with heat of nearly 4,000 degrees to bring a proprietary cocktail of elements to a molten state called a ‘matrix’.

Crystals are encouraged to form as the ‘matrix’ is carefully cooled. The cooled concoction becomes known as a ‘boule’, and at this point the extraction process gets really technical. The ‘boule’ is literally whacked with a huge hammer to break it into pieces and reveal the treasures inside.

After being cut and graded, in the same process used with natural diamonds, the simulant then has a special coating applied. This is where a diamond simulant gains its superiority over other elements such as moissanite or cubic zirconia. The coating seals the surface and reduces the stone’s porosity. It increases its hardness and makes it more scratch-resistant. Your ring will be more durable. Most importantly, the coating adds the prized and distinctive diamond characteristics of brilliance and light dispersion to the simulant for spectacular sparkle and shine.

There are also many other benefits of choosing a man-made jewel for your loved one’s hand. Surely a lab-created gem is preferable, for many people, to one that may have been mined and created under extremely questionable and ethically deplorable conditions. It is also heartening to know that the ring that represents your love and future union is 100% environmentally clean.

Affordable engagement rings are available and can be just as stunning and full of sparkle as any natural diamond ring. By saving money on the stones themselves, you and your fiancée can then finance a special setting. And don’t worry– even your gemmologist friends will not be able to tell the difference.

Alternatives to Diamond Engagement Rings

For most people, the concept of ‘engagement ring’ is synonymous with a big, sparkly diamond. This is the traditional engagement ring stone, and the one most brides will choose and most grooms will actively look for.

However, diamond engagement rings present a few fundamental problems. First of all, all but the lowest-quality diamonds are expensive, and purchasing one will take a toll on any well-meaning shopper’s wallet. Second of all, most people tend to be extremely particular about what diamond they like – it is not at all uncommon (while a little unfair) for a couple to spat over the future groom’s wrong choice of a stone to present to his significant other.

What these unfortunate brides and grooms are not considering, however, is that there are less controversial and no less attractive alternatives to diamonds with which to set engagement rings at moissaniteco. A number of different stones can effectively replace diamonds, and ruby, garnet or emerald engagement rings are all safe bets to making a bride happy while also standing out from the crowd and not necessarily breaking your bank.

Of course, this choice is ultimately dependent on what is the bride’s (or groom’s) taste in stones. Emerald engagement rings look lovely, but if your partner prefers stones of other colours, he or she is likely to not be satisfied with that particular choice. So make sure to know what his or her preferences are prior to buying the stone.

Be prepared for this choice to be deeply linked to your bride or groom’s personality, as well. Emerald engagement rings, on the other hand, will please brides and grooms who value faithfulness, while a blue stone such as a tourmaline will suit someone more spiritual. Other ideal additions to an engagement ring are pearls (which symbolise love and marriage) or a birthstone, perfect as a custom option and especially suitable for believers in astrology.

It is evident, then, that lovers on a budget do not need to settle for a less shiny or attractive engagement gemstone. By foregoing diamonds in favour of ruby or emerald engagement rings, they will at once save money, affirm their individuality, and get a ring which suits their specific personality and taste, rather than simply a standard one.

The Meanings of Blue Engagement Rings

Traditionally, human society has put a lot of stock in certain elements, tying them to superstitions and associating them with certain traits or abilities both within themselves and in their surrounding environment. Other times, these associations arose naturally, from things mankind observed in everyday life and then naturally linked to elements of lifestyle.

A perfect example of both of these trends is colour. The advent of rational societies has attributed to most hues in the colour spectrum entirely new meanings, linked either to religion, superstition or perceived personality traits in people who favour each colour. As such, most colours nowadays possess a variety of ‘meanings’, and looking at a person’s favourite hue can sometimes help those around them learn a fair bit about his or her tastes and personality.

Take blue, for example. According to many, favouring blue clothes, blue accessories or even blue engagement rings may indicate that you have a series of specific personality traits connected to the symbolic meaning of the colour.Traditionally, blue is associated with coolness. It is the colour of the sky, the ocean and heaven. It also represents sleep and twilight, and its calming properties make it ideal for nurseries, children’s bedrooms and therapy centres, among other uses. In art, it is often used to symbolise perspective, as it gives the illusion of distance and of an open, infinite horizon. It is also said to help communication, due to the cool, positive vibrations it transmits.

Aside from these apparent meanings, however, human society has attributed a number of nuances to the appreciation of the colour blue. The colour is commonly linked to sincerity and spirituality, and different hues are also linked to different attributes. In the case of demonstrations of affection, for example, dark blue engagement rings may symbolise truth and moderation, while blue irises will signal friendship at moissaniteco.

As noted above, blue also possesses proven relaxation and calming qualities. Topazes and sapphires, in particular, are said to be soothing stones, while lapis lazuli and azurite can heighten psychic powers. Turquoise is another good colour to choose when making or buying blue engagement rings, as it symbolises youth and is said to provide protection, health, confidence and strength.

The properties and meanings detailed above, when coupled with other characteristics such as the conservative nature of the colour, help to make blue engagement rings an elegant and worthy choice for a symbol of love, favoured by growing numbers of lovers the world over.

4 Things to Factor into Purchasing Vintage Engagement Rings

Like all jewellery pieces, vintage engagement rings should be carefully deliberated upon before they are purchased. Here are four different things you should mull over prior to purchasing any antique piece.

Stone Size and Quality

Thus, lots of the research that people do about the ‘4Cs’ (cut, colour, clarity, carat weight) is not as useful in selecting an old-fashioned ring as it is in selecting a stone for a ring today. Antique jewellery should be assessed on the whole and not just based on any qualities of the gem itself. You’ll generally find that vintage diamonds have a more subdued sparkle than modern-cut diamonds. Some tend to look larger than you’d expect based on their carat weight, but this is because the proportions of the stone emphasize diameter over depth. Also, unless the stone is of considerable value (more than £3,000), many jewellers won’t disassemble an intact ring to appraise the stone. The cut, clarity and colour are all estimated, so a laboratory certificate won’t be available for it. For confidence regarding the value of the vintage engagement rings you’re considering, you can rely on an independent appraisal.


An appraisal is an independent evaluation of the worth of a piece of jewellery. An appraisal deciphers the materials a ring consists of, the weight and features of the gems, and the approximate date of the ring’s creation. An appraiser uses advanced magnification and gemmological tools to assess and approximate stone weights and quality. Of course, it is most sought-after to buy vintage engagement rings at moissaniteco below their appraised value. You can expect to pay 30 to 100 pounds sterling to have an independent appraisal.

The Gaze of Others

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all vintage engagement rings should be purchased with this adage firmly in mind. Many people are concerned that the antique styles of large gemstone settings, despite being in vogue in an earlier era, are not contemporarily acceptable, even though the designs may be stunning. If it brings you joy, that’s what matters most. If you know that, in some environments, a piece is going to attract awkward and unwanted attention, then be smart about that too. The beauty of this style of old-fashioned jewellery is its uniqueness, so if you go ahead and purchase a ring you truly desire, take comfort in the fact that it has a story of its own, and that no other of its kind is likely to exist elsewhere.

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