Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s $2 Million ‘Bongos’ Video

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion recently dropped their vibrant and beach-themed music video for their collaborative single, “Bongos,” which has taken the internet by storm, racking up millions of views on YouTube shortly after its Friday release. However, what fans might not realize is the substantial cost behind the production of this visually stunning spectacle.

In an interview with radio host Angela Yee on her show “Way Up,” Cardi B revealed that the production expenses for the music video were nothing short of colossal, amounting to over $2 million. This hefty price tag was primarily due to Cardi and Megan’s desire to keep the single’s existence a well-guarded secret until the video’s grand reveal.

Originally, Cardi had planned to shoot the visuals for “Bongos” outside of the United States. However, hurricane season forced a change of plans, leading the duo to choose Malibu as their filming location.

Cardi B explained that since Malibu is known for its constant presence of paparazzi and onlookers, they had to take extensive security measures. They hired around 20 guards, with 15 of them dedicated to safeguarding the entire filming area. Additionally, they employed geofencing technology, which sends alerts when mobile devices enter specific, pre-determined locations, ensuring that no unauthorized individuals could infiltrate the set.

To maintain secrecy and avoid leaks, Cardi, Megan, and their crew of dancers used special in-ear devices to hear the music while filming scenes that required choreography. This allowed them to keep the music from being played out loud, preserving the surprise factor of the single’s release.

The music video for “Bongos” is a visual spectacle filled with colorful and extravagant scenes. Cardi and Megan are seen donning various eye-catching outfits, including oversized feathered hats and stylish stringy bikinis as they take over the beach. Director Tanu Muino, known for her work on Harry Styles’ “As It Was” and Lil Nas X’s “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” also incorporated indoor scenes, such as one featuring Cardi in a multicolored room where she blends seamlessly with the rainbow stripes of a couch she reclines on.

With the enormous production costs and the level of detail that went into creating the music video, it’s clear that Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion spared no expense in delivering an unforgettable visual experience to accompany their hit single, “Bongos.”