Saloni Lodha – The Fashion Maestro Behind Sara Jessica Parker’s Showstopping Outfit

Sara Jessica Parker stole the spotlight at the premiere of ‘And Just Like That Season 2’ with her stunning fashion choice – a black and white jumpsuit created by the talented Indian designer Saloni Lodha. The event marked the 25th anniversary of the iconic ‘Sex and the City’ series, and Parker paid homage to the show’s significant influence on the fashion world.

The Empire State Building illuminated in bright pink, served as a symbolic backdrop for the celebration. The building itself took to Instagram, sharing a photo and captioning it, “Pink tonight in celebration of Sex and the City’s 25th Anniversary and the premiere of ‘And Just Like That’ Season 2.”

Sarah Jessica Parker’s outfit was a true masterpiece by Saloni Lodha, showcasing the designer’s remarkable talent and artistry. The strapless ‘Sabine crepe’ jumpsuit featured an eye-catching contrast of bold black and white. A striking white bow gracefully cascaded across the bust, adorned with delicate micro-pearls and rhinestones, adding a touch of theatricality to Parker’s renowned style. Completing the ensemble, Parker wore an off-white bolero jacket and black-and-white polka-dotted pumps. This exquisite creation belongs to Saloni’s ‘Holiday 2023’ collection, which embodies an ethereal voyage, blending jewel-toned velvets with shimmering embroideries.

Image Credit: Instagram @justlikethatmax

Saloni Lodha, an India-born and London-based designer, has earned global recognition for her unique and flamboyant approach to fashion. With a clientele that includes influential figures such as Michelle Obama and Emma Watson, Lodha has solidified her status as a fashion maestro.

Her designs effortlessly combine refined elegance with glamour, allowing for a seamless transition from daytime chic to evening sophistication.
The ‘Sex and the City’ franchise has always been synonymous with the world of fashion, thanks to the creative genius of costume designer Patricia Field.

For ‘And Just Like That,’ Molly Rogers, Field’s longtime associate, took over as the costume designer, along with Field’s protégé, Danny Santiago. Together, they promise to deliver thrilling fashion moments throughout the upcoming season. Renowned designers like J.W. Anderson, Carolina Herrera, and Valentino are also set to contribute their visionary creations, ensuring that ‘And Just Like That’ remains a catalyst for trends and style inspiration.

The first episode of ‘And Just Like That Season 2,’ titled ‘Met Cute,’ sets the stage for a captivating fusion of romance and elegance. As fans eagerly anticipate the next installment, they can be assured that the fashion on the show will continue to captivate and inspire, thanks to the creative vision of Molly Rogers, Danny Santiago, and the contributions of esteemed designers.