Celestial R&B pop track from Yarin Glam

Yarin Glam is a pop, R&B artist from Los Angeles. Born and raised in Israel, Yarin’s Middle Eastern background shines through her music as she brings her authentic self into each project she pursues. Her music touches on topics including female empowerment, mental health and self-love, and is reminiscent of the likes of Rihanna, Lana Del Rey and Billie Eilish. 

Her latest single, “Own Worst Enemy” narrates the songwriter’s own experience with self sabotage, low self-esteem and generally not being your own friend. As she opens up about her inner-battles, Yarin reminds listeners to be kind to yourself and learn how to be your own best friend, not your enemy. The songwriter shares, “I’ve lived my whole life being my own worst enemy and I’ve decided to write about that. It’s a dark place, but there’s hope. You can get out of it.”

Sonically, “Own Worst Enemy” shimmers with celestial synths, oscillating beats and a swirling melody that undulates beneath Yarin’s velvet vocals. 

With the goal to create music for others to relate to and feel liberated by, Yarin’s songwriting acts as a reminder that we are not alone in life. She confides, “I’d say I write a lot about mental health, my struggles with it, the struggles of being a woman in this toxic society we have. I write about those subjects because I want others to know that they’re not alone in this.” 

Yarin Glam has garnered over a million streams for her music, had the privilege of working with Grammy award-winning producers and toured the US and Canada with Emblem3. Starting the year with a bang, 2024 is set to be an exciting chapter for this artist on the rise.

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You can connect with Yarin Glam on Instagram @yaringlam, Facebook @YarinGlamm, X @YarinGlam and TikTok @yaringlam