Chew on This: How Your Diet Impacts Dental Health

Keeping pearly whites healthy often involves brushing and flossing. But you better believe the grub you eat also plays a big role! A advises a balanced diet to protect teeth and gums from damage caused by sugary and starchy snacks or acidic drinkswhile avoiding hard and sugary foods for stronger teeth and guard against gum disease and cavities.

Candy and Carbs Attack Your Enamel

Sugar, a common food, can harm teeth as bacteria break it down, producing acids that damage tooth enamel, increase cavities, and cause hypersensitivity. Flossing and brushing help counteract acids, but daily consumption of sweets and carbs can cause significant damage. Just something to chew on next time you’re deciding between an apple and a donut! And you can get best advises from dentist Minneapolis to maintain your teeth.

Crunchy Produce Fights Plaque Buildup

While carbs and sugar break down your pearly whites teeth! Firm, crunchy produce like apples, celery, carrots help rub off plaque and food particles. They gently scrub your teeth clean while you snack. Fiber-filled foods improve saliva flow and help remove bacteria and acids from the mouth. Opt for crispy raw veggies over chips or sweets for a healthier option, a dental hygienist will appreciate.

Dairy Strengthens Tooth Enamel

Move over candy – dairy does a body good, tooth included! Cheese, milk, and yogurt are rich in calcium, vitamin D, and casein, which aid in rematerializing enamel and reversing early decay when combined with fluoride. There is no need for dairy overload though – a cup or two of milk or yogurt daily is enough for dental defense. Just avoid higher sugar varieties and overly-processed cheeses lacking casein. With just a bite of the good stuff daily, you’ll give those pearly whites a figurative vitamin D-light!

About Grains

Grains often get grouped with sugary crabs as enamel antagonists. But unlike candy or white bread, whole grains like oats, brown rice, quinoa, and bran flakes can benefit your bite. Their rougher texture helps scrub plaque similar to produce. Plus they undergo less processing than refined grains, retaining more protective nutrients. Of course, grains still convert to sugars. But their tooth-defending perks make the whole variety better than heavily processed carby snacks. Your dentist may not give them a gold star since they still contribute to decay, but a smiley face rating isn’t out of the question!

Keep It Clean for Pearly Whites

At the end of the day, chompers come down to what we put in your mouths, not just nutritional content. Minimizing snacking frequency gives your teeth a break from plaque acids. Avoiding sticky, long-lasting sweets like caramel or Skittles means your teeth endure less prolonged sugar exposure than easily removed treats like cake.


Remember to floss and brush regularly too for maximized dental defense. Remove those plaque buildups before they lead to tooth-harming decay! Together with a balanced, teeth-conscious diet, you’ll keep your pearly whites polished and gleaming. Contact a dentist Minneapolis for advice on your dental health.