Chris Lee of DreamCloud Psychiatry said “My experience as a patient was an important factor for me in choosing my career,”

Chris Lee, the owner of DreamCloud Psychiatry, next-generation psychiatric care in Miami said in a statement that his experience as a patient was an important factor for him in choosing his career.

DreamCloud Psychiatry is well-known for its modern and innovative approach to delivering high-quality psychiatric mental health care. Upon being asked about how he ended up starting a psychiatric care in Miami, Lee said, “I was a Baptist Health scholar and used to work in an oncology unit at South Miami Hospital, which drew me toward a career in mental health. I went to NYU to become a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Psychiatric nurse practitioners operate just like NPs in primary care. There I learned that only 18,000 psychiatrists in the country are operating and that 3/5 are over the age of 55. I decided to create something to fill the gap in mental healthcare.”

Further he said, “I always wanted to create an experience that was different from the previous model, and something that the younger generations could enjoy and gravitate toward. In the year 2016, I started Elevate Psychiatry in Brickell, and later in 2017, left Elevate Psychiatry and started DreamCloud Psychiatry.”

Speaking about DreamCloud Psychiatry he said, “It is an online, subscription-based practice giving patients “unlimited” visits and follow-up care virtually, via cloud, email, phone, text, and through a customized app. We send all prescriptions electronically, anywhere in Florida and New York.”

He further added, “Like a lot of people, it was hard trying to find what I wanted to do. I’ve been through very dark times and I wasn’t ever sure of my direction. It took me a long time to learn what exactly I wanted. However, my experience as a patient was an important factor for me in choosing my career.”

“I’ve been to many mental health providers but none of them seem relatable, and I believe patients prefer providers who they can connect with. I try to be honest with my patients and share openly about my personal experiences and challenge them to find new and different ways of seeing things,” said Lee.

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