Costume designer Neeta Lulla set to join Oscar voting body for 2020

The most celebrated Indian costume designer Neeta Lulla is all set to join the Oscar voting body for 2020. She seems to be more than happy to join the Oscar Panel this year.

According to reports, Lulla was among the 819 artists and executives who have received invitations to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS). She says that the new role comes with a lot of responsibility. 

In a statement, Lulla said, “The responsibility it brings is the responsibility to communicate correctly. When you are part of such an esteemed jury, you need to communicate to them correctly, you need to be in sync with what they’re talking about in terms of what are the new kind of films coming up. The genres that are coming up, be true to reading them, be true to judging the films that come to you. A great deal of responsibility goes with it.”