Debut Artist Olie Beckett Arrives with an Infectious Pop Gem

The music world has a brilliant new voice in newcomer pop artist Olie Beckett. With his latest single “Heartbeat,” the young artist arrives in sparkling fashion, delivering an irresistible pop earworm teeming with youthful exuberance and unbridled romantic spirit.

Olie Beckett is a young artist with huge aspirations and “Heartbeat” is an incredible first step. The track captures the dizzying euphoria and lingering butterflies that accompany a powerful first-time infatuation. Beckett’s unique perspective as a young musician allows him to pull from the intense feelings that follow young love. A talented vocalist and pianist, Beckett guides his songwriting process with emotion and builds a world around his sentiments. 

The music video for “Heartbeat” is a delightfully vibrant and playful visual feast. It takes the seemingly mundane setting of a laundromat and transforms it into a colorful, dynamic wonderland through the lens of romance. The message is clear – when you’re deeply infatuated, even the most ordinary of settings can feel vibrant, alive, and brimming with possibility!

Olie Beckett has been collaborating closely with Phoenix Stone, meticulously honing his unique sound and polishing his new releases.  With “Heartbeat” leading the way, Beckett has announced himself as an exciting new voice with a remarkably mature artistic vision.

Check out “Heartbeat” now for an infectious, pop-tinged reverie on the thrills of a young romance that leaves us excited to hear what’s next from Olie Beckett

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You can connect with Artist Olie Beckett on website, Instagram @oliebeckett and Facebook @Olie Beckett