Designer Manish Tripathi’s Journey in Dressing Lord Ram for Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir

In a momentous occasion that captured the essence of spirituality and craftsmanship, the idol of Lord Ram at the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya was adorned in a resplendent yellow outfit, designed by the talented Manish Tripathi. The designer, overwhelmed with the opportunity to dress a universal celebrity, shared insights into the intricate process of creating attire for Lord Ram.

Tripathi expressed his emotions, stating, “It was totally mystical, magical, and beyond divinity. I don’t have words to express my feelings because I never imagined getting a chance to design for somebody who’s, I would say, the universal celebrity.” This sentiment echoed the awe and reverence he felt in contributing to such a sacred endeavor.

Image Credit: Instagram @manishtripathi14

The challenge faced by Tripathi was unique, as Lord Ram Murti had been carved from a single stone, holding nearly 4000 years of history. Any alterations or cuts to facilitate the designer’s vision posed a risk to the structural integrity of the idol. However, determined to overcome this obstacle, Tripathi chose a path of integrity, deciding against any alterations. “By God’s grace, it happened,” he remarked, highlighting the spiritual dimension of the entire process.

Explaining the outfit pattern, Tripathi shared, “On Monday (January 22), it was yellow because it was Utsav. Otherwise, the color for Monday is white. Tuesday is red, Wednesday is Green, Thursday is Yellow, Friday is green, Saturday is blue, and Sunday is pink.” This attention to detail reflects the profound connection Tripathi maintained with the spiritual significance of each color.

The outfit, made entirely of gold and silver, featured authentic Pitambar fabric containing silver and gold. Tripathi clarified that he never intended to put a price on Lord Ram’s attire, stating, “Nobody can pay for it.” For him, the emotional investment and spiritual connection far surpassed the material elements involved.

Tripathi disclosed that Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Trust Secretary Chhampat Rai entrusted him with the responsibility of crafting Lord Ram’s clothing. He elaborated on the meticulous craftsmanship, with the fabric specially woven in Varanasi, incorporating gold and silver threads to match the divine aesthetics described in the Ramcharitmanas.

A dedicated team of 15 individuals, including Tripathi, spent 40 days in Ayodhya, creating clothing tailored to the unique stone from which Lord Ram’s murti was sculpted. The emotional culmination occurred during the Pran Pratishtha ceremony, where Lord Ram donned the attire that Tripathi and his team crafted. Overwhelmed with gratitude, the designer described the moment as a blessed one, akin to receiving the fruits of all their past lives.

In essence, Manish Tripathi’s craftsmanship has not only contributed to the grandeur of the Pran Pratishtha ceremony but has also made it a visually spectacular and spiritually significant event for everyone involved. The intricate detailing and spiritual reverence embedded in Lord Ram’s attire testify to the seamless fusion of artistry and divinity.