DJ Lilly Palmer’s ‘Hare Ram’ Reel Goes Viral

DJ Lilly Palmer is no stranger to creating catchy tunes that appeal to a wide audience. But her latest reel on Instagram has taken the internet by storm, thanks to its fusion of techno and Indian devotional music. The reel, titled Hare Ram, features a sample of a chant dedicated to Lord Rama, one of the most revered deities in Hinduism.

The reel has amassed over 30 million views since it was posted on December 25, 2023, and has become one of the most trending music videos on her Instagram handle. Without a doubt, Lilly is one of the most trending artists on Instagram, boasting over 1.5 million followers. However, her creation, ‘Hare Ram,’ has catapulted her to even greater popularity. The post has garnered a remarkable 2.2 million likes—can you imagine, along with over 16,000 comments?

Lilly Palmer, an emerging artist from the US, appears to draw inspiration from the enchantment of Lord Rama and the recent developments in Ayodhya, where a grand temple is dedicated to him. In her Instagram post, she wrote, “should I release this track soon????????????? #lillypalmer #hareram #techno #india #newmusic”. Thousands of her fans and followers responded with a resounding YES and Jai Shree Ram.

Lilly Palmer is not the first artist to experiment with Indian music and culture. Many other musicians, such as Coldplay, Madonna, and Jay-Z, have incorporated elements of Indian music, instruments, and visuals in their songs and videos. However, Lilly Palmer’s reel stands out for its respectful and authentic representation of Indian spirituality and culture.

In her video, she shows herself and the audience dancing and enjoying the music, along with some colourful graphics and effects in the background.

Lilly Palmer’s reel has received positive feedback from both Indian and international audiences, who have praised her for her creativity and talent. Many have also expressed curiosity and interest in learning more about Lord Rama and Hinduism. Some followers have commented that Lilly Palmer should visit India and perform live music dedicated to Lord Rama in Ayodhya.

Lilly Palmer has not yet confirmed whether she will release Hare Ram as a full-fledged track, but given the popularity and demand for it, it seems likely that she will. Until then, fans can enjoy her reel on Instagram and follow her for more updates on her music.