“I fell in love with makeup as a form of self-expression—it’s inherently playful and exciting,” Says Camila Mendes

Like any other girl, I am also obsessed with makeup and makeup artists, probably that’s the reason I spend most of my time browsing celebrities’ profiles and learn makeup tips and tricks. While surfing the internet, I came across one such profile, and that’s Camila Mendes, an American actress and singer.

Mendes rose to fame after one of the most liked Netflix series ‘Riverdale’ premiered, in which she played the role of Veronica Lodge, and has successfully garnered over 23.6m followers on her Instagram. Not only is she loved by her fans for her lively personality and attractive face, but also for how actively she participates in social movements that matter.

Lately, the 26-year-old artist, along with the famous songwriter G.E.M (Gloria Tang Tsz-kei) and the American pop-star Normani, has been announced as the newest spokeswomen of Urban Decay’s ‘Pretty Different’ movement, widely known as the ‘Global Citizens.’ 

It indeed is an example of a perfect balance between beauty and activism. Not long ago, Mendes caught up with ELLE, and on being asked about her thoughts on ‘power of makeup,’ Mendes said, “I started experimenting with makeup in junior high from watching my older sister do her makeup before school every day. I fell in love with it as a form of self-expression—it’s inherently playful and exciting.” 

Further, she said, “I’m definitely an eye makeup person—playing with eye shadow is so entertaining. You get to experiment with multiple colors at once and see how beautifully they can all blend together.”

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