FAHD EL HARTI ”The one with magic hands”

The oldest form of creative expression in human history, performance art in its modern form is a relatively new addition to the world of western fine arts and its path has been winding for within the context of modern and contemporary art history until its ultimate acceptance and now dominating status. From early developers of the form to current mold-breakers, we explore some of the top contemporary artists in the continued evolution of this so very human form of expression.

FAHD EL HARTI is a 28 years contemporary Italian-Moroccan ARTIST & PERFORMER who is establishing himself in the international art scene. he started painting at 8 years old and has never stopped , FAHD EL HARTI’s innovations through experimentation with the relationship between individual identity and social perception have paved the way for performance artists’ use of self and identity to this day. His reach extends far beyond performance, with his influence, the world of artists working with conceptualism, feminism would be different today. FAHD forms his most important works around the “movement” which he considers to be the key element to illustrate a living art he is considered one of the fastest performing artists in the international art scene despite his young age and thanks to his artistic skills he makes the complexity of the passage appear almost as if it were simple. FAHD describes his works as very instinctive but at the same time nothing is left to chance,his works arouse a form of Hope and shock. his childhood is full of key events that triggered in him the sense of the direct artist today at the age of 28 he already holds various international awards and talent prizes as well as considerable appreciation from the public the artist tells us ‘’I am the result of the society in which I have lived and in which I live my hands are magical how could I not paint.’’

‘’my whole life is art and all my days are art the final work and performance is a fast summary of some events and my perceptions of it.’’

”my art is not perfect and I don’t want it to be perfect, my art is a bridge where the heart meets and connects to the mind”

Fahd is is an artist at the height of his creative energy to keep an eye on and follow closely.

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