Masaba Gupta’s Iconic Look at Vogue Forces Of Fashion

In the bustling aftermath of Diwali, the fashion spotlight shifted to the Vogue Forces Of Fashion 2023 event in Mumbai, where style and celebrity glamour collided. Among the sartorially chic attendees, Masaba Gupta, the multi-talented fashion designer, not only graced the event but also walked away with a well-deserved award. Masaba used the occasion to showcase one of her latest creations from House Of Masaba, merging body positivity and cutting-edge fashion in a truly unique way.

Masaba Gupta’s ensemble for the Vogue Forces Of Fashion event was nothing short of a fashion revelation. She opted for a black sleeveless straight-fit full-length dress that, at first glance, seemed relatively ordinary. However, the magic unfolded when Masaba turned, revealing a distinctive and eye-catching detail that encapsulates her bold approach to fashion.

The side view of Masaba’s dress showcased deeply cut armholes extending down to her waist, revealing a skin-toned bralette and high-waisted undergarments adorned with gold candy pins. This unconventional peek-a-boo silhouette added an element of surprise and instant allure, making it impossible to divert attention from Masaba’s striking look. Complementing her outfit were stacks of asymmetrical bangles, oversized hoop earrings, bronze-toned makeup, and sleek jet-black hair.

Image Credit: Instagram @masabagupta

Masaba Gupta’s creative genius shines through not just in her designs but also in the inspirations behind them. The idea for this particular outfit emerged when Masaba decided to break free from stereotypical notions of a “bikini body” and wholeheartedly embraced her love for cake. In her caption, she declared, “Let me introduce to you the ‘IDGAF’ dress paired with the biscuit bra and whip…it’s giving… I give up on the bikini bod and I love my cake, so the curves will stay, and the Bikini can find its way.”

Masaba Gupta’s look at the Vogue Forces Of Fashion event perfectly encapsulates her distinctive style and commitment to body positivity. By challenging conventional beauty standards and celebrating her love for her curves, Masaba sends a powerful message that fashion is about embracing individuality and feeling confident in one’s skin.