Google Commemorates India’s Iconic Street Food, Pani Puri – Ambala’s Renowned Gol Gappas

Through an engaging and interactive Doodle game, Google is paying tribute to India’s profound affection for pani puri, a highly popular street food. This homage arrives eight years after a restaurant in Indore set a world record by offering 51 different flavors of pani puri. The game invites users to assist a street vendor in fulfilling pani puri orders by selecting the ideal combination of flavors to suit each customer’s taste preferences.

Pani puri, known by diverse names and prepared in various ways across different regions of India, is a delectable bite-sized snack cherished by many. It comprises a hollow, deep-fried flatbread (puri) filled with flavoured water (pani) and a dry filling. Every bite’s explosion of flavors and textures renders pani puri an irresistible favorite among street food connoisseurs.

Pani puri assumes different names and boasts unique twists in different parts of India. In Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, it is referred to as a “bite-sized street food” filled with boiled chickpeas, a white pea mixture, and sprouts immersed in tangy and spicy pani. In northern states such as Delhi and Punjab, it is known as “gol gappas.” Gol gappas are filled with a delightful medley of potatoes, chickpeas and accompanied by jaljeera-flavored water. In West Bengal, Bihar, and Jharkhand, it is referred to as “puchkas” or “fuchkas,” where tamarind pulp plays a significant role in the flavor profile.

Ambala, renowned for its culinary heritage, is home to several establishments that have gained fame for their Gol Gappas. As Google celebrates the enduring love for pani puri and its diverse regional variations through its interactive Doodle game, it presents a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the legacy and artistry behind Ambala’s famous Gol Gappas.

The Gol Gappas of Ambala has achieved legendary status, attracting gastronomic enthusiasts from far and wide. The fame of Ambala Gol Gappas is such that numerous food joints across North India proudly advertise “Ambala Wale Gol Gappas,” served with a delightful assortment of 4-5 flavored waters.

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