How Easy It Is To Rent A Car In Casablanca

Morocco is undoubtedly one of the best tourist destinations for an exceptional holiday experience. Casablanca is the major port city in Morocco and is the largest city as well. Although Casablanca is said to be Morocco’s capital of business, economy, and industrial centre, with a modern boast that cannot be noticed in other areas of the country, it offers some great tourist sites, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this lively city happens to be the first glance of Moroccan exquisiteness.

Casablanca is home to one of the world’s largest mosques with the tallest minarets, i.e. Hassan II Mosque, a great tourist attraction. The medina is also a worth visiting place. The city has many Art-Deco style impressions. Place Mohammed V that has the city’s important official buildings is a place to visit. Casablanca’s Corniche, i.e. beachfront area in the Ain-Diab outskirts, is the luxury recreation spot for vacationists. The city has several luxury hotels for a comfortable and fulsome experience and fine-dining restaurants with great ambience and quality food that will gratify food lovers.

If you are an individual planning to visit Casablanca for business purposes or a couple, a group of friends/family scheduling a holiday in Casablanca and other major cities of Morocco, one of your major concerns will be the means of transport around the city and the expenses associated to it. Car rental in Casablanca is the best option for the commute. 1ServiceCar  offers great car rental services and is a reliable car rental company.

1ServiceCar; Car Rental In Casablanca

Whether you’re an individual or a group of people, whether a local or a foreigner, you can avail the services of 1ServiceCar; the best car rental service in Casablanca and other famous cities of Morocco such as Marrakech, Fez, Tangier, Rabat, Agadir, El Jadida, Essaouira, Meknes, Ouarzazate.

Travelling within the city can be hectic and costly if you opt to use taxis or cabs, especially for an outsider who doesn’t know much about the area and the fares. Choosing an economical rental car service is the best and safe way to commute.

1ServiceCar ensures delivery of cars on all airports within Morocco, e.g. Casablanca, Agadir, Marrakech. It provides the best rates. 1ServiceCar has experience of over ten years and is the most reliable car rental service in Casablanca and other major cities.

It delivers your desired car at any given location such as your workplace, airports, hotels, restaurants, cinemas, shopping centres, etc. Moreover, you can book a vehicle for special events like parties and weddings. 1ServiceCar’s wedding car rental provides car décor as well. Their charges are all-inclusive, and they give a guarantee that there are no added prices.

1ServiceCar includes a fleet of about 50 to 60 cars, including 4×4, minibuses, luxury cars, utility cars, city cars, and limousines. Whether you want to rent a vehicle for long-term or short-term, 1ServiceCar provides the facility of rental cars with or without a driver.

Get going with your office work or holiday in Morocco with assurance with 1servicecar at the finest price and a service that fulfils your needs.

Why choose 1ServiceCar?

● Provides high-quality car rental in Casablanca and has vast experience of more than ten years. The 1ServiceCar is a specialist in the car rental field, without any doubt.

● 1ServiceCar guarantees the best prices for rental car deals in Morocco.

● They provide a free cancellation option up until 24 hours before the rental.

How to book a Car?

You can book the car online through the 1ServiceCar website. You will need a credit or debit card, your Driving License, and your passport, and any identification card for booking a car.

For booking the car,

1. Go to the 1ServiceCar website, choose your vehicle, and add the required information.

2. As soon as your booking is confirmed, you’re redirected to pay your advance rental payment per conditions alongside the validation process.

3. Schedule your travel according to your needs, and the car will wait for you at your desired location.

You can also contact the company through e-mail, address, or phone number provided on their website.

Other Services

1ServiceCar offers several services like short-term and long-term rental car facility with decent conditions, like airport service. You will have the car on your arrival at the airport without any additional charges. You have to ask it in the booking process. 1ServiceCar also provides the child seat service in which you get a European standard baby seat in the car matching your needs.