Alan Longo Releases His Newest Hit, “Memory”

New Jersey’s own Alan Longo has just debuted his newest single- entitled “Memory”- and listeners are in for an emotional rollercoaster, both sonically and visually. While the track at first feels like a rock-infused easy listen, once you dive into the lyrics you begin to peel back the layers of a story difficult to hear. The song encompasses the complexities of drug addiction- from euphoria to dependency, dependency to danger- and manages to beautifully cover all of the bases in its accompanying music video. The video, similar to the track, leaves much to interpretation- and if you’re willing to dive deep enough, a powerful message.

Visually we follow Alan Longo along a ride in which he mingles with a beautiful woman, falls too deep, and in the end… well, you may just have to see for yourself. Remember- what lies beneath the surface is the key to this track. Listeners and viewers alike will be left with questions, left with answers, and a single they can’t get enough of.

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