How to Make Your Home Help Improve Your Health

How many hours are you at home? The average person spends about 50% of their time at home. Sure, you might be sleeping, eating, or bathing during some of those parts, but for the most part, you’re still at home, and you’re embracing what your humble abode has to offer. But with that said, just like a workspace, your home is going to affect your health. Sure, if your bed is uncomfortable, then that’s going to make you struggle with sleeping, or if you only have junk food in the kitchen, then you’re only going to be eating that. 

Your health is strongly connected to your home. It essentially sets the pace for how you’re going to live. Everyone benefits more from having a healthy life. So, if you want to focus on that, then here’s what you need to know so you can improve your home, which can then improve your health! At the end of the day, your home is a sanctuary, and it should make your mind and body feel the same.

Start Off By Bringing Nature Indoors

Getting back to nature is one of the best things you can do for your health. Generally speaking, exposure to nature reduces stress and improves mental well-being. You’re going to want to consider looking into different elements like plants, materials for furniture/ decor, water, and more natural lighting. Overall, when people go into nature, they feel calm and relaxed, and they feel like they just immediately fit into the space. 

You’re going to want to try your best to achieve this with your home too. If you have a lot of space, decorate with natural materials like wood, stone, and rattan furniture, or collect stones and crystals that you can display around your home. You can even bring in fresh-smelling scents like calming lavender or fragrant rosemary to fill your home with the aroma of nature. For the most part, it’s simple, and it’s going to add this luxurious edge to your house. So be sure to consider this when making your home a healthier space. 

Clear the Clutter

Did you know that chaotic spaces enhance anxiety? Did you know that this is actually a common treatment for anxiety? Clutter doesn’t only make a space look awful, but generally speaking, it has a way of just making the find feel awful too. Have you ever been to an empty or empty space and felt like your mind was clear? While it doesn’t make much sense, minimalism isn’t only about aesthetics; it’s for the mind too. The entire point is to just keep what you need, what helps you, and try to hide or get rid of the rest. 

But if you need everything, then don’t worry. It’s really about organizing everything in such a way that there is harmony. Think about a bathroom sink. Having all of the toiletries on it doesn’t exactly make it look too good, right? But once they’re removed and replaced somewhere else, like a basket or a drawer, the sink looks better. It’s basically that but with your whole home. While no, this doesn’t mean hiding everything in the closet or under the bed, the point is to keep everything organized both when in plain sight and when it’s not in plain sight.

Play Some Music

Just as spas and certain stores play music to make the space relaxing, why not do this for your home too? Music is great for the mentality; remember, it’s not just about physical health when it comes to making your home work for you; it’s also about mental health too.

Consider the Air Quality in Your Home

Home air pollution can have a huge impact on everyone’s health. While yes, outdoor pollution (especially those who live in cities) is quite bad; you can’t forget the air quality within your home too. For the most part, the air in your home is healthier to breathe, usually. But this shouldn’t change the fact that you’re still going to need to make some changes within your home anyways.  Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or not, at the end of the day, the air quality can still affect the health (and respiratory system) of everyone there.

So, be sure to watch out for the cleaners you’re using. A lot of them are toxic, so it might be ideal to DIY cleaners if you can. Dust can be fairly unsafe, too, so regularly dusting your furniture with a Swiffer and vacuuming is going to help immensely. Some candles can be fairly unsafe, especially paraffin wax, so you’re going to want to look out for that. Last but certainly not least, you’re also going to want to consider adding more houseplants. They can help with cleaning the air, and nearly all houseplants tend to have this effect.

Don’t Forget the Water Quality

Just as the air quality in your home can affect the health of you and your family, the water can do the same. Think about it; you bathe in it, clean with it, drink it, use it for cooking, and so on. If the water is bad quality, you’re going to find out soon enough. Sometimes something happens with the water supply (especially in rural areas); it could involve pipes getting too old or just the plumbing overall. 

A water filter can reduce the risk of drinking contaminants such as lead, chlorine, pesticides, and more. Usually, it’s as simple as adding a filter to your water faucets or shower heads; some even exist for washer machines too. While it doesn’t seem like much, this can make a major difference.

Just Keep Your House Clean

It all ties together; a clean home and a clean space overall are going to help you both physically and mentally. Sure, it can be a pain having to clean from time to time, but at the end of it all, it’s worth it. It helps make the space look good; it helps make you feel good. It’s fine to have dirty dishes in the sink from time to time or to have a messy bed, but if you can, try your best to consistently have a clean home. In the long run, it’s going to be a massive help. Never underlook this; even cleaning up just a few minutes a day can play a massive impact on your mental health.