How To Maximise Your Marketing And Communication Efforts As An E-Commerce Business

When it comes to your marketing and communication efforts, any business needs to be maximizing them. Why? Well, without either, your business is likely to fall flat on its face. It needs to have marketing strategies and a budget to carry out this strategy to help intrigue more customers to your business doors – whether that’s online or offline.

Communication is also highly important because if you’re not speaking or engaging with your customers in some way, then it’s going to result in no trust or loyalty being built as a result. With that being said, there are certainly some useful tips that can help you when it comes to maximizing both your marketing and communication efforts this year.

As an e-commerce business, everything is digital, which means you’ve got to make use of every opportunity online to get your brand seen. This guide puts together all of the top tricks and tips that come when trying to make use of marketing and communication efforts as a business.

Five ways to maximise your marketing efforts

Let’s start with your marketing efforts. As an e-commerce business, you’re not going to get traffic to your site unless you’re being proactive with your marketing efforts. But what does that look like as a modern-day e-commerce business? Here are five ways to maximise your marketing efforts in 2023.

1. Segment your customers

Segmenting your customers is an important part of maximising your marketing campaigns. Not every customer is going to fit the one-size-fits-all when it comes to receiving your marketing materials, whatever that might look like digitally.

With that being said, in order for your marketing campaigns and projects to land successfully with all customers, segment them. For example, if you’ve got a growing email subscriber database, think about segmenting your email database so that they’re broken down into certain demographics or where they are in relation to your business sales funnel.

For example, a welcome email might not be suited to the delivery of a returning customer or someone who has already converted to a paying customer. Instead, welcome emails should be segmented to just new subscribers.

By segmenting your customers, you’re able to add a bit more control and personalisation to your marketing efforts. 

2. Invest in PPC advertising

It’s apparent that you’re going to need to spend some money in order to market your business. For some businesses, there might be very little needed when it comes to spending your money, whereas for others, it might be that you need to invest a lot.

Whatever the budget you have available as a business, you should be willing to spread this budget to a variety of pots. Whether that’s through social media advertising to PPC advertising for example.

PPC advertising is a great option for those who are looking to expand their efforts when it comes to marketing and to do so in a way that’s targeted. With PPC advertising or pay-per-click advertising, as it’s known, you simply pay for the clicks that users on the internet use. For small businesses that might have a limited budget, it’s worth making use of.

Make use of SEO best practices

Search engine optimisation or SEO for short, is a marketing effort that makes a big difference to your efforts when it comes to getting your e-commerce seen on the internet.

SEO is influential to your website or web pages being spotted on the search engines. When a user is searching for a certain keyword or using a number of words in their search, you hopefully want your business or product pages to come up!

With that being said, making use of SEO best practices is important so here are some useful ones to get started.

  • Add main keywords to your content
  • Optimise webpages with images and video content 
  • Use internal and external linking
  • Publish high-quality, educational content
  • Improve your site’s loading speed
  • Add alt text to your images for accessibility

4. Create and update your marketing strategies

As a business, you should have a marketing strategy in place. This might be multiple strategies depending on the type of marketing you’re looking to implement into your business. For example, you might have individual marketing strategies for each of the social media platforms you operate on.

It might be a general marketing strategy when it comes to advertising your website alone. Creating and updating marketing strategies on a regular basis is definitely important and something you certainly want to be considerate of. 

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With a digital world that is forever growing, adapting, and changing, it’s important to find newer and more effective strategies that you can embrace when it comes to your marketing team.

5. Promote a cohesive brand across all marketing platforms 

To help get your brand recognised, even when it comes to your e-commerce, it’s important to present a cohesive image and look. This is something that should span across all of your marketing platforms from the e-commerce site itself to your social media platforms and in-person events.

Branding is highly effective in capturing the attention of your audience. The more they’re exposure to your branding, the better. For example, it takes 5-7 impressions before your brand is recognised by the individual exposed to it.

Five ways to maximise your communication efforts

Now that marketing has been covered, what about your communication efforts? While marketing is important when it comes to advertising, communications is something that falls under the branch of marketing. However, it’s more about how you interact with customers that matters.

How are you communicating with your customers or prospective leads currently? Here are five ways in which you can maximise your communication efforts as an e-commerce business.

1. Consider a live chat service on your site

To help connect with your audience, even if it’s out of office hours, or there are no live agents available, you could introduce a chatbot company. Live chat services and chatbots are a great way to add that extra means of communication which are particularly effective when you have a rich knowledge base of information that the bots can use.

Live chat services are also good if you have available agents on hand to help with real-time issues that your customers might be having while navigating the site. Of course, there are going to be some common questions that are asked, which is where chatbots are handy to have before handing it over to one of the human advisors.

2. Grow your social media presence

Growing your social media presence is definitely something that make use of when it comes to communications. As you grow your social media presence, you reach more people and that might give you more scope to interact on these platforms too.

Of course, an additional communication path, perhaps multiple if you have a number of social media handles, does stretch resources. However, there are plenty of social media management tools that can be used, such as Hootsuite to manage your communications effectively.

That way, you don’t miss out on any messages that are coming through from your followers or interested users in your e-commerce.

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3. Offer a multitude of communication methods

Talking of multiple communication methods, the more you have, the better. Not everyone likes communicating via a social media messenger service. Others might perfect a more direct line over the telephone, while others like the live web chat or an email service.

Offering a multitude of communication methods is well worth doing to help reach all of your audience, regardless of how introverted or extroverted they may be when it comes to communicating with your business.

4. Use a CRM to nurture leads and customers

To help nurture your current customer base, as well as anyone who might have recently signed up for your newsletter and is not yet paying customers, it’s worth embracing a CRM. Customer relationship management software is worthwhile for those who need to get a deeper understanding and insight into their customers.

There are lots of these software options available for you to peruse as a business in order to find the one that fits what the business needs. With a great CRM, you can certainly get more from your customer relationships and maximise the efforts you’re making within your teams. 

5. Resolve concerns and feedback quickly

Resolving concerns and feedback is something that you definitely want to stay on top of when it comes to customer relationships. With that being said, when a customer has a complaint, make sure it’s followed up and resolved quickly. Every reaction you have to customer concerns and feedback is influential to their experience and then how you’re viewed by others looking in.

When it comes to e-commerce, there’s no limit to what you could be doing for marketing and communications as a business. Take advantage of these tips and make use of your resources in-house. Where there are limited funds or resources in-house, consider outsourcing these services to make them more affordable.

In this competitive market, being hot on your marketing and communications efforts is essential for your e-commerce business.