How to tow a car safely

There are times when a car breaks down and you may need to think about towing it to be repaired or back home again. If you find yourself in the situation where you need to tow a car, there are a few safety tips to bear in mind as this could be a potentially dangerous situation if you are not careful. So, pay attention to the following top tips.

Ensure the tow rope is in good condition and attached properly

Before you think about towing the vehicle, you need to make sure that you attach it properly in the first place. However, before you even do this, it is important that you check the towing cables to ensure that there aren’t any bits that are starting to fray or tear.

Once you are happy with it, you can then attach both vehicles together with care—ensuring that the two are properly connected and that they are going to hold during the course of the drive. There should also be some signage displayed to indicate to other road users exactly what is going on here.

Drive with a great deal of care and attention

The person who is driving the towing vehicle needs to do so with more care and attention than they would do normally. This means that they should stick to a low speed and keep steady as much as possible in order to prevent there from being too much snatching of the rope, as this is one of the main reasons it can end up breaking if you are not careful. Avoiding any sudden braking is also an important step to take on. At the same time, any maneuvresneed to be anticipated well in advance.

Ensure the driver in the towed vehicle pays close attention

While a big part of the job is going to be completed by the driver who is towing the vehicle, the one in the towed vehicle also needs to have their wits about them. They need to watch out for any break lights or indications that tell them what is coming up. If the person in the first vehicle is doing their job properly, there should be plenty of warning ahead of time. Any breaking should be done in a light way that minimizes the amount of stress and strain put onto the rope and reduces the odds that it is going to snap without much warning.

By following these important tips, you can help to ensure that any towing of a vehicle is done in a safe and successful manner. Ultimately, this is an act that can put you at risk if not done properly, which is why all the proper prep work needs to be done to begin with. There is a great deal of responsibility placed on the driver who is doing the towing in the first place. However, the other driver also needs to be in sync with what is going on. This way, safety can be put at the very heart of everything that is happening.