India and Oman Strengthen Bilateral Ties with Vision Document and Trade Pact Discussions

In a significant development, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Oman’s Sultan Haitham bin Tarik have solidified a vision document aimed at expanding bilateral cooperation across multiple sectors. The leaders engaged in “productive” talks in New Delhi, further underscoring their commitment to strengthen the ties between India and Oman.

During the media briefing following the discussions, Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra characterized the talks as “comprehensive and constructive.” The joint vision document outlines the roadmap for collaboration in ten key areas, including the maritime sphere, connectivity, green energy, space, digital payments, health, tourism, agriculture, and food security.

A crucial aspect of the discussions was the push to conclude the India-Oman comprehensive economic partnership agreement as soon as possible. Both leaders strongly committed to advancing this agreement, underlining its significance for the economic relationship between the two nations.

The state visit of Sultan Haitham bin Tarik marks a historic day in India-Oman relations, as it is his first trip to India as the top leader of the influential Gulf nation. Prime Minister Modi welcomed the Sultan, stating, “Today is a historic day in India-Oman relations as the Sultan of Oman is on a state visit to India after 26 years… I am sincerely welcoming you on behalf of all the people of India,” during his opening remarks at the delegation-level dialogue.

Aside from bilateral economic matters, the leaders also addressed global issues, discussing the situation arising from the Hamas-Israel conflict and the challenge of terrorism. Both Modi and Sultan Tarik emphasized the broader need to work towards a two-state solution to the Palestine issue, viewing it as a constructive way forward.

India and Oman, as strategic partners, have witnessed a positive trajectory in their bilateral trade and investment relationship over recent years. The joint vision document and the commitment to expedite the economic partnership agreement signal a shared determination to deepen and diversify the collaboration between the two nations.

The talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Sultan Haitham bin Tarik reflect a commitment to mutual prosperity and a shared vision for addressing global challenges and fostering stability in the region. As the leaders navigate the complexities of the contemporary geopolitical landscape, the strengthened ties between India and Oman hold the promise of a more robust and mutually beneficial relationship in the years to come.