IQ Option: Things you need to know

When we analyze from other competitors’ platforms, IQ Option is famous for continuously looking to create by trying to find new binary options solutions.

The platform helps investors study markets and make money by using a desktop application and a mobile app. It takes pleasure in its user-friendliness, allowing binary options trading a joy.

So, how can the IQ Option system work? In the following part, we have to explain this issue.

It’s simple to sign up for the program; you must fill out the form and provide some basic information about yourself. When you use IQ Option, you only need to deposit $10. That’s a lot less than any options trading broker.

Moreover, depositing funds is simple, with a range of options accessible to investors. After you complete the registration process, your broker will simply send you emails seeking to teach you about binary trading.

What is the best way to trade?

To make binary options trading seem like a game, IQ Option has made it easier and more fun for people to trade them. If a trade goes well, it’s shown on the broker’s website so users can see it right away. If you want to get these notifications, you’ll get sounds and graphs.

A minimum investment of $1 is required to start trading, and it must be made with money you’ve already placed in. You can spend up to $5,000 unless you’re one of those who wants to do business big but first learn forex trading.

The broker focuses on foreign customers and supports various languages, including English, German, Russian, Chinese, and Turkish. Customer service is good, and it is available by email, chat support, and complaints.

With all of these advantages, you must remember that if trading is guaranteed to make money, it’s also possible to lose money, and also, the broker is nothing like that. The financial instruments offered by IQ Option remain present a large level of risk, and that is why the broker offers a risk alert to all traders.

Account for VIPs

There is a standard binary option account for people who aren’t very big traders. It simply shows that, while becoming a regular trader, your deposits do not exceed $3,000. If you make deposits in favor of this amount, IQ Option will create a VIP account.

A VIP account comes with many advantages for traders. In essence, such an account is a high-yield investment with potential profits of up to 91 %. This type of account is beneficial since it comes with an Educational Section that would tell you all you need to know about managing money, signals, and other important parts of binary options trading.


So you’d like to trade in binary options but also are worried about security? It is not an issue with IQ Option that protects the safety of your funds and personal information at all times. Another good thing about this is that Cyprus’ Securities and Exchange Commission is in place to make sure the platform runs smoothly. The supplier offers a sample trading option if you wish to try the service first.