KCS Technologies decided to work on ZERO PROFIT and gift 100% of its profit

Every organization, be it small or large is trying to cope up with the Coronavirus crisis and some are there who are helping other organizations to tackle the situation. The lockdown period in several countries worldwide has been extended because of which organizations using traditional methods of business are not able to function.

However, KCS Technologies Inc. – a division of Kapil Group – A conglomerate of 40 companies has decided to work on ZERO PROFIT and gift 100% of its profit to its existing and new clients.  KCS decided it in order to help its clients to combat this difficult situation and GO DIGITAL. The offer is valid on all KCS’ services, from web and mobile development services to QA and testing services, to SAP services and implementations etc. KCS is all set to help its clients with their requirements in these difficult times.

KCS announced this offer on April 14th, 2020, the offer which was supposed to close on April 30th, 2020 is now extended until May 11th, 2020. Lately, KCS’ announced that the new date for the closure of the offer is May 11th, 2020 now.

Speaking about the announcement, Venkata Kiran Amruthavaakkula, the Chief Executive Officer of KCS Technologies said, “After we announced the offer, we started to get calls from many clients. Our clients wanted us to extend the date for a few more days. Getting so many calls just in three days made us think, and so we decided to extend the date to May 11th, 2020.”

“Our idea is to help our clients deal with the situation and GO DIGITAL, and it was because of their request we made the change in dates. Of course, we believe in standing by our clients in the time of their needs and that is what we are trying to convey our clients during this period of crisis,” Kiran added, “So far profits are concerned that we can make any time in the future. Right now we need to maintain the flow of our business and help other entrepreneurs to do the same, thus we took this step.”

Lastly, Kiran urged people to Stay Home & Stay Safe!